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Unrivalled Academic Commitment and Expertise

Here at EssayWritingServiceUK we firmly believe that we provide the very best academic writing and editing service in the UK.

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, many of whom are just affiliates of the same pool of unqualified writers, we are not out to exploit students who desperately need help to improve and assure their grades. Rather, we are motivated by a commitment to the fundamental values of academic integrity, as exemplified by the world's pre-eminent universities. To ensure this, we only hire writers and editors who share our passion for academic virtues such as honesty, fairness, trust, respect, and responsibility.

Unlike so many other companies, our writers and editors are driven by a genuine passion for research, knowledge, objectivity, accuracy, clarity, and rigour and that shows in their work!

If you are in doubt about how our academic expertise exceeds that of our competitors, we invite you to spend some time exploring our website.

Like the company as a whole, the EssayWritingServiceUK website is constantly in the process of being improved and expanded upon, so be sure to place us on your ‘Favourites' list so that you can regularly check back for updates to receive fresh tips and advice from our experts. We'll also be more than happy to write further free advice and guidance posts at your request!

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Custom Essay and Dissertation Writing Services

Most students find writing essays, coursework and dissertations to be by far the most challenging and stressful aspect of their time at university. This itself should come as no surprise. Academic writing and essay-structuring skills do not come easily to anyone, and it is not uncommon for even experienced academics to complain of their ongoing struggles with the art of setting their ideas down on paper.

What ought to be more surprising, however, is how little in the way of explicit advice, instruction and guidance is available to students struggling with the many challenges that academic writing presents. Indeed, it is exceptionally rare for university faculties or departments to provide any kind of tutoring in the art of academic essay writing. Instead, students are expected to simply pick it up on the fly.

Essay Writing Service UK was set up in order to fill this long-recognised gap in the university education system. By providing unique model essays and dissertations, along with expert academic advice and critical feedback, we aim to provide the kind of professional supervision and guidance that universities all too often fail to provide for their students. After all, if you really want to learn how to write in an academic style, to properly structure an essay or dissertation, to construct a cogent argument, or to tackle a research problem, what better way is there than to be provided with a carefully crafted model or exemplar of the same, written by an academic expert in your subject, for your specific research question?

Ordering a fully customised model essay or dissertation from Essay Writing Service UK provides both a unique research tool and an invaluable academic insider's perspective to which none of your peers will have access. Whether your goal is to outcompete your fellow students or simply to improve your average grade by a degree class or two, our academic experts can provide precisely the kind of assistance you need whether it be an essay, assignment, proposal, literature review, dissertation or thesis or anything in between. From GCSE, A Level or HND through to Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters and PhD, we have writers for every situation.

We Create Custom Essays and Dissertations That Are:

  • 100% plagiarism-free – Returned with a FREE plagiarism scan
  • Delivered on time – Guaranteed to meet the agreed deadline, or you get the work free of charge.
  • Yours – You own the rights to use the work we send you; we will never re-use or publish it anywhere else.
  • Guaranteed – Your order will meet the requirements you specify, or you get your money back.
  • Confidential – We guarantee to keep your personal details strictly confidential at all times.
  • Amendable at no further cost – If you require tweaks or changes within the first seven days (or fourteen days for dissertations), we do it for you free of charge.

Every Order Comes With The Following:

  • FREE Fully Completed Bibliography
  • FREE Quality Check by an Expert
  • FREE Quality Report
  • FREE Writing Sample of the Selected Writer*
  • FREE Comprehensive Plagiarism Scan
  • FREE Plagiarism Report
  • FREE Amendments**
  • FREE Assistance in Locating Reference Sources***

Proofreading, Editing, Marking, and Critiquing Services

Alongside our essay and dissertation writing services, we also boast one of the very best academic proofreading, editing, marking and critiquing services in the country. We employ proofreaders and editors who have worked as copy-editors for the most prestigious academic journals and university presses. Some are university teaching assistants and lecturers who regularly examine undergraduate and postgraduate papers.

All our proofreaders are native English speakers and hold advanced degrees from British universities. They have vast academic proofreading experience and the highest professional credentials. Our highly skilled and conscientious proofreaders will ensure that your hard work is presented in the best possible light, providing you with the best opportunity of attaining the class of degree to which you aspire.

Our proofreading services will:

  • Improve the overall quality of your academic English
  • Fix all spelling, grammatical, punctuation and typographical errors
  • Amend mistakes that would not be picked up by automatic spelling and grammar checkers (e.g. those involving homonyms, compounds, proper nouns, and word meanings)
  • Remove or complete all sentence fragments
  • Correct any confusing switches of tense
  • Amend any ambiguous uses of pronouns
  • Correct any misplaced or dangling modifiers
  • Break up or shorten overlong sentences and paragraphs
  • Eliminate repetition and redundancy
  • Ensure consistency of referencing and citation style
  • Ensure that technical vocabulary is used correctly
  • Ensure consistency of either British or American English
  • Format your work to professional standards, improving layout, margins, line spacing, paragraph breaks and fonts
  • Ensure your citation-style, footnotes, pagination, margins, font and layout all conform to your university's specified guidelines
  • Professionally format your table of contents, bibliography, references, lists of figures, charts, diagrams, graphs and tables

Our academic editing services will: 

  • Ensure that your writing style is both professional and engaging
  • Ensure that the sequence of ideas is perspicuous and logical
  • Clarify your work's structure, arguments and claims
  • Ensure the consistency of your writing style, tense and tone
  • Remove any words that detract from the substantive content of your work
  • Ensure your work contains the appropriate academic vocabulary pertaining to your subject matter
  • Ensure that all technical vocabulary is used correctly, precisely, and consistently
  • Prune overlong, waffling or rambling sentences
  • Rewrite prolix, convoluted and unintelligible sentences
  • Eliminate repetition and redundancy
  • Enhance the clarity and focus of paragraphs
  • Create smooth and logical transitions between paragraphs
  • Add transitional phrases to improve flow and readability
  • Ensure optimal use of paragraph breaks and subheadings
  • Ensure proper signposting and transitions between sections
  • Insert cross-references where useful or feasible
  • Check the sufficiency and accuracy of references
  • Ensure proper use and presentation of quotations
  • Ensure consistency of either British or American English

For further details of our various proofreading, editing, marking, and critiquing services, click here.

If you have any remaining doubts about whether or not to take advantage of our services, feel free to call one of our friendly customer services representatives on 0203 0110 100 or write to us at [email protected] today.

*This applies to any order over 10,000 words if originally requested.

**Contact your personal consultant within 7 days to request amendments for essays and coursework, or 14 days for dissertations. Amendments must not be outside the original request, or they may be subject to an amendment fee.

*** If you are unable to locate any article or journal that the writer has used in your order, then we will help you locate it.

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