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Below you will find a selection of reviews of our essay writing services from some of our most recent clients. All such testimonials are kept for verification purposes if ever requested by official bodies such as Trading Standards. Please note that names may have been changed to preserve anonymity, but that the content remains unaltered, including any spelling or grammatical errors in the testimonials.

It's been really helpful to have you there not only to provide the model but also the great support you and your team does almost 24/7. I am so impressed I will be sending some more people your way. My deepest gratitude to your team and the writers and all who helped to get me through this time. It's so appreciated.

Miles, UK
Please pass on my thanks to ***** for the work on the Advanced Course ****** it was excellent.  I have  completed further work on it this week and submitted this afternoon.Harriet, UK
Thank you very much for your work.


Yumi, UK
Thank you writer for the summary.


Rose, UK

You guys don't mess around, hats off! 

Sam, UK

I am very pleased with the work so thank you very much.

Scott - UK

Thank you for the prompt response and I will create my own report from this, and I look forward to receiving the other one!

Jack, UK
Thanks so much for this incredible piece of work.


Abdul, UK
Thank you for all your support - Great work and it was easy to work with it. I have more to come:-)) 
Maria - UK

Fabulous. Much better than ** ****** I used before. Thank you so much :)

Sarah - UK
Thank you very much! 


Natalie, UK
Thank you ever so much for sending my work well advance in time with the necessary amendments.
Andrea, UK
Excellent! I feel much better thanks. Please sent my Thanks to the writer! I really do appreciate it! Sarah, UK
Thanks for your effort so far regarding my essay (about architecture) which was splendid.
 Arkilza, UK

I would like to say how impressed I am at your wonderful customer service. I am very grateful at your use of great problem solving skills and you have truly saved the day for me. 

Lisa - UK
All looks good. Thanks for the service. I will edit it to suit my writing style and the module requirements. Hopefully, if it is a pass, I may well use this service again.


Linda, UK

Please thank the writer for the excellent work. I will rework this proposal and sent to my tutor.

Stephen, UK

I have read through the work and satisfied with it.

Peter - UK
I am writing to say thank you for your work.  I have looked at it and all is good. 


Sarah, UK
Thank you very much for the excellent model answer. I really appreciate it.


Kana - UK
This is perfect!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort.
Malia, UK

Thank you very much for your help.

Donna, UK

Thanks a million I am so grateful.

Wayne, UK

Thank you very much for your email containing the completed assignment. I've had a quick look at it and all looks well.

Susan, UK
Thank you for your essay, I am extremely impressed with the quality of work and feel this will be of great assistance in achieving my required grade.Saffy, UK

You guys have been outstanding!

Rich, UK

Received with thanks!

Maria, UK
I am very impressed by your efficiency many thanks!  Maggie, UK

 Thanks a lot to everyone at essay writing service and all your writes, you have been great.

Mike, UK
Thank you very much for your help. The service you've provided has been excellent. 
Simon, UK

That you you've been such a great help I honestly cannot thank you enough.

Michelle - UK

Thanks for sending this to me before the deadline, I have not additional queries.

Charles, UK
Very well written. Please note that the writer will handle my next work on these course in two weeks time.Alihayna, UK

Thank you again for all that you and the writer have done to co-ordinate this you have been life savers and I can't thank you enough!

Ricky - UK

Thanks, you guys are the best :)

Stephen, UK
Thank you very much for the edited work back, and so quick too. I've had a read through, and it's been improved massively. I'm very pleased with it. I'll be in touch within the next few weeks with my next chapter for my dissertation.
The discount is very much appreciated. 
Thank you again. 
Priya, UK

the last work you did for me was killer.  I want the same writer!!!

Daniel, UK

Thanks very much! You have been so helpful.

Dave, UK

I have received the work, and having read it briefly, I would like to thank you and the person who did the work!

Henry, UK

This looks great and will be very helpful, so thank you.

Giles, UK
In as much as I have been paying for your services, I think I have not taken the  opportunity to say a big thank you for your services. I am glad to receive the rational. Thank you for all, I am grateful.
Suzie, UK
I have used your service before and have been impressed.Ben, UK

I would like to thank you and i will certainly look forward to coordinate with you during my DBA program to better adapt to the British system and advance in this program.

David, UK
I just wanted to send this email to show my appreciation for  the good and timely  service you provided.
Thank you
Hannah, UK

I have read over and over again this piece, & it sounds promising aiding to my work. Pass on the many thanks to the writter.

Nerina, UK
Thank you very much for your prompt and proper adjustment. I appreciate a lot. Please say thank you and give my best regards to the writer. If there's opportunity, I'd love to order another assignment again. Thank you. Have a nice day. 


Natara, UK

Thank you so much. 

Nicole - UK

Just to say thank you,  I think the work is brilliant. 

Sarah, UK

Thank-you for all your help, really appreciate it. Please thank the writer from me too.

Roxy, UK
Thank you! Very pleased and feedback is very useful.
Rebecca, UK
I have received the assignment and I am going though it. I will contact you soon if need. Thank you for your working. Sha, UK
Please tell your writer that I am very pleased with the latest additions to the essay. Well written and prompt, as before.Mark, UK
I regret the fact that I didn't know amazing people like you before who can support and alleviate stress and frustration of assignment and essays. In my view, I think the writer did well and covered relevant points of this work, many thanks "Writer". Thank you all for your great support, you have been amazing throughout the process of this work. Good service really and much appreciated.Alison, UK

Thanks for getting back. I really appreciate with the fact that you managed to get my work amended really quick. I am happy with the work & I have been reading through my work.
Thanks for all your help.

Imran, UK

Thank you so much for you continued support and excellent services. I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

Petra, UK

That is perfect. Thanks so much xxx

Cass, UK

I read all of them and it is great. Thanks for everything.

Hasan, UK

Thanks a lot! :)

Maria, UK

Many thanks For going the extra mile to provide customer 's satisfaction. That is a brilliant business  ethics. With this out of the way, I hope to do business with you in the future.

Isi - UK

Thankyou very much it really helped me. 

Sarah, UK
Thank you for the wonderful work. It has taken a lot of stress off for this semester. I feel well supported by your professional team, in how they provide me with the precise information I require to complete my assignments. 


Iris - USA

You guys are amazing the service you offer is invaluable!

Graham, UK

Thank you writer!

Rose, UK

Good morning, Happy new year. Just to let you know the MSc has been passed. Thank you to you and your team for the help.

Ian - UK
I would like to say many thanks for your swift action on my issue much appreciated. I did receive corrected work.Looking forward to use, your service again in the near future. Wayne, UK

It looks great at a glance I can definitely work with this thank you very much x

Mary, UK

Thank you for the report. I have read through it and find that it is written well and answers the question posed.

Alex - UK
Many thanks! :)Amy, UK
I am writing to say thank you for the work that you sent to me referenced above. It was well structured, and also is it possible for you to keep record of the writer because I would like him to do my upcoming assignment due in mid January. 


Sarah, UK

Now this is what I’m talking about! Thank you very much you are a life saver!! Compared to the other company wow. The work is excellent.

Adam - UK

I am happy to pass on your services to others I know who are in the same situation, can't fault the service you have provided at all.

Rian, UK
Just to confirm again that I was delighted with the service and with the writer who has done a great job. I am really pleased with it.Martin, UK.

I have to say the writer did a very impressive work. I would like to thank you and your team for the work.

Lei, UK
Thank you very much for your amazing work on my document and i every time i am happy and confident to sending my work to working on it and i always recommended this company for my many master's and PHds friends .
 Jacob, UK

thats great, thank you so much /!!

Angie, UK

Thank you so much.i just went through it but I would go over it again tomorrow morning and get back to your for any correction. but from what I saw it's such a wonderful essay and I'm really happy.

Sazzi, UK

Hi thank you for the essay!

Eliza, UK

Thank you very much. Well received.

Jared, UK

That is really great!! Thanks so much for all your assistance. 

Carl, UK
Just to let you know that the writer has excelled again and that I am very pleased with the additions. Thanks again for your help with this.
Lewis, UK
What a pleasant surprise to receive the work 2days early.
Denise, UK
The essay arrived earlier than I expected ! I appreciate your afford and professionalism. The essay is very well written, it is perfect as a model answer.Lisa, UK

Firstly, I am very pleased with the quality of work that I have received over past few days and Thank you very much . I would like to make a new order with you please .

Zeilia - UK

This is great, thank you! I will go through it tomorrow but I think it is fab. 

Melanie, UK

Thank you very much! I am very pleased with the paper. Please do thank the writer from me :)

Rio, UK

Thank you for this work, it's just what I'm after.

Gary, UK
Thank you ever so much. If there are any necessary corrections I will contact you within time specified. I will be in touch again in future. I will also recommend your site to friends and colleagues.Jyru, UK
On first glance, this looks extremely good to me, in every way.
Please pass on my initial sincere thanks to the writer and I will be in touch very soon to elaborate and to let you know if there are any amendments.
Thanks to you too for your quick responses and speedy communications.
Martin, UK

Thank you so much for your help, your assistance is truly appreciated. The last piece of work I received was invaluable to me.

Meluin, UK
Many thanks for the work and your kindness throughout and a very well timed delivery. bless!


Trey, UK

Thank you very much for assisting with this work. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Suzzie - UK
I am "pleased as punch"! Thank you for your prompt and professional service. This will greatly assist me in completing my assignment. I was so impressed with your personal service I have already ordered a summarization for another assignment, in addition to a previous order I have put in. I look forward to seeing other impressive work.
Pippa - Canada
Thank you for the email and the quick turnaround! I will read through the document and get back to you should I have any queries.


Caroline, UK

Many thanks for going out of your way to get this work to me. I am grateful.

Susie, UK

Thanks, i have seen it, very happy indeed.

Toby, UK
Thank you very much for your excellent and prompt support. I am highly satisfied with the services you have provided.Ismael, UK

Thank you so much I have just read the assignment and I am absolutely greatful for the help.

Ragge, UK

Many Thanks 

Really Pleased with the finished essay

Would certainly use you again

Amanda, UK
I just wanted to say thanks for the writing service.I got tbe results back and passed the dissertation. ThanksNora, UK
Thank you very [sic] for this amazing service .
 Alex, UK
Thank you very much. The work looks great. Will definitely be in touch soon for more model answers.Helena, UK
Thank you very much, I shall be in touch if I need any more assistance. 
Carl, UK
Thank you very much for help.
Harry, UK
Regarding my new order, I am confident we can work something out you guys have not let me down yet :)Bob, Spain
Hello Thank you so much to helpful staffs and amazing writer for great work Really amazing work which finished at estimated deadline and will be in contact for other orders   KindlyAli, UK

This looks great. thank you very much 



Ash, UK

I am very happy with the work that has been completed here.

David, UK
Once again well trusted and have not let me down :))) 


Michael, UK

I rang earlier to extend my gratitude for your help. I passed with a 2.2 for the overall mark on the assignments. Thank you 

Chaz, UK

Thank you so much and extend my warmest regards to the writer. I really appreciate her or his time.

Liza - UK

Your are so professional, I am glad to pay the rest payment, thank you.

Gary, UK

Thank you for returning the assignment in good time well in advance.

Amy, UK
Hope your doing well. Thank you for the work. Looks really good. Hopefully i will get the mark. 


Nigel, UK

I have read through twice and its brilliantly written.

Mia - UK

Thank you very much for getting the document back to me.

Martha, UK
Just to thank you for the last work I did with you, which was excellently writing. I got a 95%.
Lisa, UK
I would first of all like to thank you for helping me understand how to compose an essay. I took the piece of work and used the information to re write the essay in my own words and with further research. My essay has not been marked yet but I feel it will be up to a good standard.
The essay taught me how to use footnotes, essay lay out (font, spaces, sections), I am following this process for another essay I have to write. I was really happy to learn how to reference properly.
I needed you service as I have never composed an academic essay.  I understand the subject, but I just cannot write it the way it should be. So once again thank you for helping to ease my stress and pressure.
I would really like to use your service again.
Elliot, UK
This is excellent, thank you for your response.
 Ahmed, UK

Thank you very much for getting the work back to me so quickly, it is extremely appreciated. I've had a read through, and I am really pleased with the changes, it reads a lot better and sounds more coherent. I am currently working on my third chapter, and I will email it to you once completed.

Patricia, UK

I'm so happy that the essay taught me how to reference OSCOLA style. It looks so much more professional.

Mike, UK
Thank you so much for your work. I really appreciate it.
Sinead, UK
Thank you for your effort in providing me with a model answer along with requested amendments. I will definitely be looking to use your services again in the near future. Regards.Enzo, UK
I am extremely pleased with the essay; it is an excellent piece of work. 
I would like to thank you and the writer for all of your help.
I will definitely be using this service again in the near future.
Callum, UK
Many thanks for the work as always of an excellent standard. Please pass my regards to the writerPeter, UK
Thanks so much. This looks ideal as a basis for me. Will go through in detail tomorrow and if anything untoward get back to you. Thanks again for prompt completion.Nancy, UK
The assignment sent is all fine, thank you for the help! 


Hary, UK

Thanks you for your help with my assignment , which have successfully submitted...

Maggie, UK
I would just like to say thank you and I really do appreciate all your hard work.  Having read it through, I can honestly say I am very happy with the review you have wrote.  It is brilliant!Natalie, UK
Thank you very much. I will be recommending your services to my peers. 


Nathan, UK
Hi, Great job and amazing writer did the order during estimated deadline with doing all instructions .   Thanks, writer and essay writting serviceMansoor, UK

Thank you very much. Please convey my thanks to the the writer.

Lily, UK
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Neemie, UK

Thank you so much for all. I submitted my dissertation before midnight.

Helen, UK

Yes I am very well, especially after reading the work you have done. I feel it is formatted, written, referenced and displayed in exact way I would strive to lay out my own work. Due to this I am willing to proceed with the remainder of the literature review. If the LR is as impressive as the first 1000 you have sent I may ask for the remaining chapters of the dissertation from yourselves.

Keith, UK

I just read all the essays and it was beyond my expectation hehe.Thank you so much for your help! 

Mira - UK

Thanks very much, I have read through the assignment and am pleased with it.

Ryan, UK
I got your feed back and very pleased for the timely and good work. I will be in touch shortly for the other discussed.



Personally I am impressed by the quality of the work and the speed at which you work.Thanks a lot. I have emailed the copy to my tutor, fingers crossed I am hoping for a good feedback. I will get back to you as soon as I get his feedback. Thanks for your reliability. 

Raewyn, UK

I'm very happy about the work, thanks. 

Lydia - UK

Thankyou ever so much. It's perfect Emoji

Seanna, UK

[sic] many thanks.had a quick look. will haver a good look over the weekend. 
will let you kmow how I get on. And will be using uou again no doubt. [sic]

Allan, UK

Please thank the writer for me and let them know I am very happy with the work. 

Cathy, UK

Waaaoooo that was brilliant. thank you so much.

Ray, UK


Thank you for your prompt response on my request. This will be a great help for me to work on my assignment.
Ollie, UK

Many thanks to you.  I really appreciate 'you + the writer' for all of the effort and concern.

Leria - UK

Thank you so much. This is perfect the ideas are coherent and clear. I am sure I'll contact you soon for another essay.

Rory, UK

I got the work, thank you.

Ray, UK


Nace, UK
Thank you so much !
Hanna, UK
Thanks for getting it back to me promptly. 


Maria, UK

Many thanks for you, I'll really appreciate that, you are the best essay writing company, honor you! : )

Jeff, UK

Thank you for your assistance.

Ingrid, UK
The essay is great quality and I am extremely pleased with the service.
Thanks to the writer and you for your help!
I will definitely continue to be a customer of Essay Writing Services UK.
Callum, UK
Thank you very much for your intervention and support. I shall prepare my next assignment to you over the coming days.Steve, UK
Thank you very much for some changes and such precise structure in this essay. I appreciate it very much.Annie, UK

I've read through the essay and am highly pleased with the result. This will be a perfect model, which will be of great help in creating my own.

Mike, UK
Just to confirm again that I was delighted with the service and with the writer who has done a great job. I am really pleased with it.
 Craig, UK
Very pleased with what you have written.Alleiza, UK
I received my dissertation mark at midnight and I am extremely pleased to say I got a first. I would like to say a huge thank you to your services and everyone that had a hand in helping me gain this mark. It would not have been possible without your help. 


Petra, UK

I always use your work as a model answer, as have trouble in starting an assignment. Though, with your essay, it gives me a rough guideline of what to include etc in my own essay. Thus, I appreciate the services you offer as they really do help an individual in need of this type of service. 

Lizie - UK
Thanks seems great. Thanks a lot :) Hopefully should enable me get a good grade...
Michael - UK
Thank you for everything I will go through it and let you know as soon as i have feedback for you!


Leila, UK
Love it! Reads really well. Thank you.Reva, UK

Thank you very much for sending the assignment through. I am very pleased with the work. Exceptional! i wish I could write essays so easily.

Rebecca, UK

Thank you very much!

Martha, UK

Thank the writer for patience, and that he has hit the nail on the head with the explanation.

Paul, UK

Thank you for the prompt service!

Brian, UK
Thank you for providing a very good service. I still have 1 more course and dissertation to do so rest assured that I will still be your customer.
Best regards
Deanna, UK
Hi, very happy with the essay - please pass on my sincere thanks to the author. Thanks for providing an excellent service.
Best Regards,
Jack, UK
Thank you very much for the Vast approach to getting this work done on time and earlier than expected.
Eion, UK

Thank you very much for you help with everything. I really appreciate your service.

Jemma, UK

I have read the repot. I envy this writer !*:"> blushing He/she has re-write it within few hours and it seems perfect to me.  Hopefully will be the same for the teacher too.

Nia, UK

Thank you for your fantastic service. I am going to use it as a structure to add myself  and the way I work weaved into it.

Tess, Wales

Thanks for this, just in time before the final amendments. Please thank the author and I'm really pleased with the editing and feedback.

Rachel, UK

Just wanted to say thank you. It looks great, just reading through and editing. That was a fast service considering what you have done.
Thanks again.

Providence, UK

Looks great! 

George, UK

I would like to thank you and the writer for the extended help.

Andy, Oman
Thank you so much. All the amendments are great. It's perfect now. Please pass on my thanks! 


Sean, UK

That's brilliant. Please say a big thank you to the writer for me. It really explains and helps me to shape my ideas to how to write my own. 

Wendy, UK

Thank you very much for my work and the discount on the next order, I am very grateful.

Ann - UK

The latest version of the proposal was top class work, hats off to the writer! 

Mark, UK

Thank you very much ,absolutely the assignment looks very good than before , everything's looking good , sure if there's any enquires i will get in touch .

Alex, UK

Thanks, the writer is obviously an absolute genius, the works good, but too good :).

Thanks again,
Timmy, UK

Thank the writer for me.  I will place another order promptly so please forward to the same writer.

Sam, UK
I've received work, thank you so much!
Amy, UK
Can you thank the writer for the excellent work.Paul, UK
These are brilliant. Thank you very much for your help and many thanks to the writer. 


Monica, UK

Thanks for sending the article 2 days in advance. I really appreciate your efforts to exceed my expectations.


Lucy, UK
I would like to express my thanks for the contribution in the creation of this assignment. Thank you very much.
Annabelle, UK

Many thanks for your reliable, professional service, I am going to put in how I practice and method of working into the structure provided.

Tess, Wales

I just want to thank you so much for all of your help over the last few weeks. I could not have done it without you.

James, UK
Thank you so much for your help this term. It has been invaluable to me. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Mike, UK
Thank you for all your help. I'll be placing another order in the next week or so. 
Mike, UK

Could you please thank the writer for all their help. Could I please ask that you make a note on the system for me as I would like to continue to use this writer in the future for any future work.

Ellie, UK

It is a great work, thank you.

Amy, UK

Thank you for your prompt response and kind assistance. I successfully received the work with great satisfaction. Hope to work with you again in the future.

Oliver, UK

Thank you very much for all your help.

Angie, UK

Thank you. I have a had a quick look through the essay and it looks like a really good piece, thank you. I will read through properly and if any amendments are needed, i will let you know. I'm hoping this won't be necessary. Thank you for a efficient service, your customer service skills have been excellent and will definitely use your service again as well as recommend to friends. 

Sam, UK

Thank you very much, i do appreciate this.

Jad, UK

Please say my big and sincere thanks to a writer for including such excellent linking words. I like them so much and this is the excellence my university searching for, and me too. Also, I wish I have them also in my submitted dissertation in April. Excellent done! :)

Helen, France
Thank you for your help and support.Daisy, UK
Excellent work - I really can work with it very well.


Sandra - UK

I do appreciate your effort. Thank you so much.

Bola, UK

Thanks very fast service, will look over it properly later.

Rob, UK

Thank you very much. Please pass on my thanks to the writer too. It really helped me understanding the topic and grab my ideas on how to write my own. 

Wayne, UK
Nice work, I have just read the work through, I am very happy with the service you provide.  I am very grateful for your service.Nazzar, UK

You guys are the best look forward to it :)

Tom, UK

I know how much time and energy this essays demanded, and I deeply appreciate all of your/ my writer efforts to make it great pieces of work.

Wishing you Joy and Peace at Christmas and throughout the New Year :)


David, UK

Please pass on my sincere thanks to the second writer - beautifully written and understanding of the midwife's role, fitting the requirements exactly. Thank you.


Sarah, UK
Hi thank you very much. amazing feedback.:)Sally, UK

You are so kind many thanks for that! I like that it really shows that you care about your clients' for me that's' very important.

Owen, UK

Many thanks for forwarding the responses from the editor/proofreader, much appreciated.

Melissa, UK

Thank you very much, Work recieved!

Joyce, UK
Thank you for the essay. He has read it and is very pleased. If he gets through the admission, we will buy model coursework and related service from you for the next 3 years.


Tom - UK