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My background in politics, economics and international affairs has given me the extensive experience to be able to write thought provoking pieces that would inspire and lead to new insights that may have not been previously considered in these academic fields. As a result of the overlap in these subjects, my knowledge also gives me leverage to write about historical topics and other subjects in the humanities.


With a BSc (Hons) in Geography and an MSc in Climate Change and Risk Management, I have obtained a wide range of expertise within the Earth Sciences and Environmental research. I have completed two research Dissertations within Paleoecology and Abrupt Climate Change Oscillations. I have contributed to environmental research on past environmental archives and completed a range of scientific analysis. My academic and research experiences provide me with a clear understanding of the requirements of academic work from A-Level to Master's Degree level. I know what is necessary to achieve strong grades and academic success. I will assist in communicating the best ways to present and format your research.


I have been involved in various research projects including an interdisciplinary study. I have extensive research, essay and report writing skills. I have regularly performed proofreading tasks for a wide range of subjects including but not limited to Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Law.


Having been engaged in numerous research and scientific publications, I am deemed competent in my field. I am also involved in research fellowship having completed a PhD in Environmental Sciences. I have also been involved in international research involving conservation and management.


I have recently been doing freelance writing for another company called The News Hub. I have a broad range of interests in History, Politics, English, International Relations and Education. My degree in History and Politics, as well as my History PGCE course, has enabled me to understand the requirements for a broad range of different academic essays and dissertations. I would like to use this experience to my advantage by bringing these skills to


I am a recent BSc (Honours) Psychology student with extensive experience of writing essays and Psychology reports. Throughout the years, I have mastered the skill of conveying knowledge and presenting information in a clear, concise, and coherent structure. I have thorough knowledge of numerous topics within Psychology such as Social, Developmental, Clinical Neuroscience, Abnormal, Health, and Counselling Psychology. I have experience of critically evaluating, analysing, and selecting relevant information for writing up essays and reports.


I am an experienced academic writer with a BA (Hons) in International Relations. I am a versatile writer who, because of my structured approach to assignments, can also write in a broad range of the social sciences and humanities.


I am a published academic with a PhD in Film, Television and Media. Subjects in which I can assist include English Literature, History, Cultural Studies, and Film, Television and Media studies. I have also presented papers covering a wide variety of subjects at academic conferences throughout Europe. I currently work as a private film and media studies tutor, and I also offer freelance proofreading and editing services.


I have a MChem (First Class) with industrial experience specialising in Analytical Science. I have over 10 years research experience, covering subjects such as Synthesis of Bio-fuels using heterogeneous solid state catalysts, synthesis of perovskites with properties of colossal magneto resistance, carbon dioxide and alkanes as electron-sink and source in solar nano-cell.


With a degree in Psychology, and postgraduate studies in career development, I have excellent knowledge of what is expected in Psychology essays and reports, and how knowledge of this can help gain future employment. Within Psychology, I am particularly adept at topics such as, language, memory, criminology, and psychopathology. Moreover, I have an excellent knowledge of the current research within the subject. Other areas to which I contribute include statistics, and SPSS.


I have a First Class Honours Degree in Physics and Astronomy from Cardiff University. My main focus was computational astrophysics and the simulation of galaxy formation, supernovas and dark matter. After graduation I spent six months at Edinburgh University in the supercomputing department learning and implementing computer languages to enable parallel processing simulations of nuclear energy release. I also have a Postgraduate Diploma in Science, Media And Communication at Cardiff School of Journalism and Social Sciences. The course involved researching and reviewing scientific journalism in the general and specialised press. It also involved analysis of how science is communicated to the public and the social impact of science and technology.


With a broad background in a variety of topics, from Media and English to Psychology and Statistics, I consider myself an expert in providing powerful and persuasive written work. I have studied at undergraduate and postgraduate level and am due to undertake a Masters in Applied Criminology. I have had to produce a variety of different assignments over my academic career, including; scientific reports, essays, qualitative and quantitative analysis and also dissertations. This experience has given me a clear indication as to what is expected from an undergraduate and postgraduate student.


I obtained both my degrees more than twenty years ago, which makes me feel old!


With a PhD in English Literature and ten years of research experience, I consider myself an expert in the field of Joycean Literature, with specialist knowledge in the text of Finnegan's Wake. I am proficient and knowledgeable in the subject area of Postcolonial theory as this provided the theoretical basis of my research.


My main social science discipline is criminology and I have taught criminology/criminal justice in a part-time capacity within higher education for over fourteen years and in a full-time role for over eight years. Prior to working full-time in academia, I completed a full and varied career as a police officer and retired as a middle manager. Consequently, I can apply considerable vocational experience to academic disciplines within criminology and criminal justice, together with a broad academic knowledge of policing and specific areas of expertise in relation to terrorism/intelligence studies.


With a PhD in Molecular Bioscience and twenty years of research experience, I consider myself an expert in modern biological and chemical sciences. I also taught for eight years at a British university, covering subjects such as Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Pharmacology, Organic Chemistry, and Modern Analytical Methods. This experience has given me a clear understanding of current academic requirements for student work at all levels. As a former lecturer myself, I know what is expected from your essay or dissertation, and what is the best way to present your findings.


I hold a first class Joint Honours in Marketing and Psychology, graduating from the school of Business. In addition to this I recently graduated with a Master's degree in Health Psychology. This recent experience equips me to write essays for a wide range of subject areas including Psychology, Humanities, Marketing and Business. I am able to write in a number of different styles to suit the subject in question.


My undergraduate training in Animal Science has furnished me with an in-depth knowledge of Livestock Science, Nutrition, Parasitology, Breeding, Anatomy and Physiology, Disease Science, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Nursing, and Molecular Genetics. I have broad research interests which I have been lucky enough to cultivate through postgraduate training in Animal Breeding, Quantitative Genetic Models, Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis.


With a great deal of academic and corporate experience, I have spent a large amount of time working within multi-disciplinary consultancies. During this period, my focus has covered a broad range of areas such as due diligence, land divestiture and purchasing. As well as this, I have an excellent understanding of the relevant industries, including petro-chemical, retail and leisure and regional/national government capital spending projects. With this knowledge in mind, the work I produce is always comprehensive and completed to the highest standard.


As a Capital Projects Director, I have over twenty-five years' experience in consultancy, contracting, sub-contracting and client-side project management. This means that I am experienced in leading the delivery of a major (capital value


I have completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Health Psychology, and conducted two independent quantitative studies. Thanks to this academic experience, I have an excellent understanding of quantitative research methods and statistical analysis, as well as experience writing up results in a variety of formats, such as executive summaries, journal-style articles, and presentations.


Educated to doctoral level, I have spent the past twenty years working as a freelance research and writing consultant. During this time, I have worked with many corporate clients, including television, radio, state and semi-state institutions. This work has provide invaluable experience of the particular demands and expectations of corporate clients and allowed me to better inform the wide range of academic writing which I am able to produce.


Having graduated with a BA distinction in Economics and MA distinction in Finance, I have built up a range of experience in the corporate world. This has involved assessing macroeconomics, analysing industry outlooks, and providing an objective assessment of a company's potential earnings, its competitive position, and other factors. During my studies, I have produced high quality research that received impressive feedback from my module leader. This has provided me with a fantastic understanding of the expectations from corporate research; therefore, I am confident I can help you go through any research comprehensively.


Thanks to six years' experience in software product development, I have earned a great understanding of product lifecycles, development processes and best practice scenarios. After completing my MBA, I have gained consulting experience. This involved research and analysis of communications technologies and their relevance to the consumer. Thanks to this range of business and academic experience, I now undertake corporate research in areas such as communications technology, product development operations and computing solutions for business workflow.


With over fourteen years of counselling, psychotherapy and organisational psychology expertise, I have built an in-depth understanding of the developmental needs of individuals and organisations. Because of this, I am particularly invested in the psychology of personnel assessment and selection, organisational behaviour and development, and employee training and relations. As such, I can provide analyses and suggestions with regards to every element of the business world, from shop floor to CEO level, all informed by my academic and corporate background and experience.

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