Top Tips For Choosing An Essay Writing Service

Essay writing services have been widely publicised (and much maligned) since the internet became the mainstream medium for communication and business. The increased availability of resources that have become available through the development of the internet has led to a huge growth in the number of essay writing services found on the web. With so much choice and such a range of offerings it has become increasingly hard to distinguish who to trust with your essay writing project.

A web search for ‘Essay Writing Service UK’ will return literally thousands of results from a huge range of essay service providers. So how then can you navigate these results to find the best company to meet your needs and requirements?

Again, this can be difficult due to the huge amounts of misinformation put forth by many of the online writing services themselves, who claim to offer the best essays for the cheapest prices, with no substance to back up these claims. There are however, some ways to thin these results out and we have listed some of these below for you to consider;

1. Read through the websites' homepage

– This may seem a simple no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people overlook what is on the page and look straight at the price. The more website content you read, the easier it will be to ascertain which writing services are actually run by genuine UK individuals or companies who value their content, their customers and want the best for them. From our own experience, some of the spelling and grammar displayed upon these sites is dubious at best and outright appalling at worst. If you can see mistakes in the grammar and spelling of their main point of sale, how can you expect this will be any better in your completed order? We are run and operated by UK individuals, with UK writers completing all orders. But we do not stop there. All completed orders are reviewed by our Quality Assurance procedure and proofread to double check all spelling, grammar and punctuation before the essay is released to our customers.

2. Check the company details

– In line with UK law, any genuine company is required to display their official company name, address, Companies House registration number and VAT registration details on their website. Any legitimate essay writing service provider would have these details listed on their own website, there is no reason not to other than to hide something. Generally speaking, the very thing these operators are trying to hide is who they are and where they operate. Again, from our own knowledge and experience, many of these service providers operate from questionable countries across the globe, such as English speaking countries in Asia and Africa. That is not mentioned to diminish these countries (or the people themselves) whatsoever but, if they are selling something (UK Essays and Dissertations) which they are not able to provide, how can you trust these service providers with your own essay writing project? We list our full company details on the footer of every webpage. We can be contacted at our offices by phone, Skype, email, WhatsApp or in person. We are do not hide who we are, which leads us nicely onto the third point;

3. Check the prices

– This is a hard pill to swallow, but the best essay writing services will not be the cheapest, they will in fact be amongst the most expensive. Why? There are a number of factors to consider here;

  1. The cost of hiring a UK qualified academic – naturally there is a premium for this with UK higher education qualifications being respected worldwide for their genuine quality and academic standing. This comes with a price consideration which is necessary to pay in order to get the very best writers to undertake dissertation writing projects. No UK academic worth their salt will sell themselves short when it comes to their writing so this is a serious factor to consider.
  2. Business operational costs – conducting business in the UK is expensive, no question. Of the price you pay, 1/6th should almost certainly be made up of VAT (Value Added Tax) which is a tax on all sales in the UK which genuine UK companies with sales per annum of over £83,000 are by law required to charge. If a company is operating in the UK, and has a genuine volume of customers, they should almost certainly be charging and paying VAT on all sales so this is something to check. If no mention is made of VAT, they are likely not a genuine UK dissertation writing service operating within UK laws. They will likely be based outside of the EU and therefore not obligated by the laws which govern trading in these areas and come with no consumer protection provided by these states.
  3. Administration costs – We all know property costs in the UK are amongst some of the highest in the world. For a legitimate essay writing service to operate an office in the UK this comes with a high cost implication. So too business rates (council taxes/ electricity/water/telephone/broadband etc.). Staffing is also a major factor in this. Qualified UK staff are protected with minimum wage laws, pensions, training, tax implications and much more. This is a serious thing to consider as more often than not you can tell where a company is based simply by picking up the phone and speaking to their staff.
  4. Price is an indicator of quality – We all know that the products we want cost money, usually more money. Their desirability is the very thing that creates a price premium (think Apple iPhone or Yeezys). If something is actually good, it stands to reason that the price would reflect this. If price was all that mattered, there would be only cheap essay writing services with little to no fluctuation in the prices offered. However, if you consider the difference in prices, there are a large number of low-end cheap services and a much lesser number of high quality writing services with very little existing in the middle of these two groups. Genuine operating costs, along with the quality of the writers employed and the service provided are the things to consider here when reviewing the prices being offered.
  5. Advertising – Naturally but somewhat unfairly, essay services are not warmly welcomed by the academic establishment. This is understandable from a certain viewpoint but not from all. Some students simply do not get the actual help they need to succeed at university. Some may argue that university is a “survival of the fittest” type scenario, however, when looking at the exorbitant fees one must now pay to simply undertake a degree in the US or UK, it is wholeheartedly unjust that these same students do not get the type of education which is to be expected with this type of financial outlay, or achieve the very thing they have paid significant amounts of money to get. The one underlying reason essay writing services exist is to help those who are not getting the assistance they need from their university, for whatever reasons. Like it or not, we fill a void in education. By offering an alternative learning medium and ‘showing' rather than ‘telling' students how it should be done, professional essay writers can help those students who are being failed by the current academic system. The academic community and in turn mainstream media outlets do not permit the advertising of academic writing services which leaves very few options for getting the message to the people who need it. This again is a large factor in the cost of the services offered and provided to students across the academic spectrum. To reach them and make them aware that there is an alternative is an expensive process to undertake.

4. Speak with them online, by email, on the phone, in person

– Are they British? Do they know enough to answer all your questions? Can you visit their offices? Ask questions! This should help put some answers to your concerns and establish their legitimacy. If they are a genuine writing service, they should be able to answer all of your questions with confidence. They would also be open to providing details of their offices and be prepared to welcome visitors. We have spoken with many students who have failed to even speak with the company they are hiring and when left with a sub-quality essay or at worst, no work at all, they are the ones who suffer the most.

5. Confidentiality

– This is one of the largest factors for many potential customers. Given the bad press surrounding the industry and the misleading information surrounding the use of genuine essay writing services, many potential customers will be extremely concerned with how their personal information is handled. We are a registered Data Controller and have a full privacy policy governing all information we handle. We value the privacy of our clients just as they do their own privacy and rights to keep it. Again, ask these questions – Any writing service of repute would naturally offer promises with regards to how this data is handled, how information is transferred between clients and writers. What happens to the finished product? How should it be used? Is it guaranteed to meet the grade requirements? Would you really trust a company who will not provide specific details of their business (i.e. address, company registration details, etc.) with your confidence? Who would you contact if things went wrong?

6. Reviews

– Reviews and testimonials on site are one thing, we wholeheartedly promise that all testimonials on our site are 100% genuine and reproduced exactly as received. No doubt, all essay writing services would promise the same, regardless of whether this is true or not. But recent years have seen the introduction of independent reviews of essay writing services via trusted independent review providers such as TrustPilot. There are strict rules to follow in gaining reviews with these mediums so they cannot be manipulated in the same way as other platforms. Many essay writing service review sites are in fact run by the very same services which they provide reviews for. It therefore should be plainly obvious that these same reviews will be either fabricated or manipulated to suit their own ends. As a British company, we only use genuine reviews to inform our customers of the experience of past clients We previously engaged Feefo as the business to handle this for us however, after considerable investment and over a years worth of reviews, Feefo removed all academic writing services from their platform. Naturally, given our previous overview of the concern with confidentiality amongst our customers, not all individuals feel comfortable leaving reviews due to the same concerns. A huge number of positive reviews should be a red flag. As with all products and services, there should be a range of reviews from positive feedback to negative. If these are all positive, again, question this. You can see our independently collected reviews here.


These are the 6 main points to consider when trying to assess which essay writing service you should use. Whilst not covering every aspect of consideration, if you follow these tips you will be able to filter out as much as 90% of the online writing services who do not provide this information or meet these requirements. We would consider this a very good place to start with your own research. If you are concerned with the legality of essay writing services, you can read more in this post.

What can a Custom Essay Service Offer You?

Writing essays can be tricky. Such is the array of styles and questions to work with, it can often be difficult to know how best to answer. It can take time and focus to address the topic in suitable depth. All of the pressures facing students can take a huge toll on their ability to focus on the many essays they have to complete.

Critical Research

Our writers will conduct thorough, up-to-date research on your topic. Given their intimate familiarity with the subject they will already be abreast of most of the current literature in the field. They will focus their time and experience into crafting a perfect example of what type of essay best answers your task.

Quality Content

Our writers have the experience, the knowledge, and the skills to create dissertations of the highest quality, with original, high quality and non-plagiarised content. We suggest looking at a custom essay as you would any example or past paper, the only difference being that this one is written to order for you, to your exact specifications and subject matter. Filled with source material that you are free to use and which will dramatically cut down on the reading required to get to these articles which will be the fundamental core of the essay.

We neither suggest nor condone the copying of work we produce verbatim, rather we intend this to be used to focus your attention on how best to get the core point of the essay across, how best to structure these points, and how to bring these together into a coherent and succinct answer which you can be proud of.

Is it Cheating?

This is not cheating, this is a slightly different form of education from the one you will encounter at your university. Just because this model of learning is not available in the academic system, this does not mean it is an invalid method of teaching. Our clients and customers have had huge success using our custom essays to improve their own results and help get the grades they needed. If you’re stuck, struggling for time or don't know where to start, our essay writing service could provide just the help you need to get you through the rut and back on track.

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