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Proofreading is arguably the most overlooked facet of academic composition even though its importance is beyond dispute. Proofreading is the quality control one exerts over one's own work; hence it is a reflection of the standards to which one holds oneself. Further, it is an indication of how much respect you have for your own intellectual efforts. Having gone to all the effort to research, analyse and compose a piece of scholarly writing, the conscientious student will always take that little bit of extra time to give their work a read through, a once over just to be sure everything is in order. With all things considered, while not the most glamorous undertaking, amending errors and correcting typos is one of the least demanding aspects of university work. Yet so many students, from lack of time, lack of will, or out of essay fatigue perhaps, neglect to do so. This is a great shame seeing as proofreading really can make the difference between a second and a first-class grade. Markers will be very hesitant to award a first-class grade to an essay which, though it possesses much to commend it, is littered with typos and other clumsy mistakes. Such slapdash efforts are not acceptable at graduate level. These easily avoided blemishes are especially unpardonable in light of the numerous grammar and spell-check programs which feature in virtually every piece of word-processing software. Do not doubt that even the most accomplished writers catch and correct errors in the proofreading stage. Hence any example of high-quality writing is necessarily the result of a concerted process of revision, correction and final touches. Indeed, in many respects, it is within these essential concluding stages that first-rate work emerges. Without doubt, if you want to perfect your scholarly prose, proofreading is indispensable.

Of course, we all know that proofreading poses a sort of a dilemma, in that we can often become somewhat numb to our own errors and eccentricities. Having spent the best part of a month with a particular assignment, we become overfamiliar with our own work and this makes it difficult to detect issues. Here is where a fresh pair of eyes can be of great use. It is always advisable to get a fellow student or flatmate to give your essay a read-through (offering to do the same for them). For guaranteed results, though, you can always enlist professional proofreading and editing services. Our company offers a wide variety of such copy editing services, with different tiers of proofing ranging from the standard error correction, through to in-depth amendment and revision – all at a highly affordable price. Moreover, using a professional writing company can take the hassle out of proofreading, giving you more time to focus on your studies. Furthermore, with the help of professional academics, you will gain the peace of mind which comes in knowing that your work will be returned in a flawless state. There is simply no need to throw away easy marks by returning an imperfect essay. Make proofreading a must and ensure you achieve top grades.

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