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Our Essay Writing Service UK 100% commitment guarantees.

Chapter by Chapter Free Delivery

When you order more than 6,000 words, you can opt to receive your work chapter by chapter.  This option not only enables you to have control over your research paper assignment, you will also maintain complete control on the progress of the overall essay writing project.

Order Over 10,000 Words - You Get a Free Sample

When you order your model answer, Essay Writing Service UK will assign you a writer that is an expert in your subject area.  If you purchase an online writing assignment of more than 10,000 words, you will receive a complimentary 500 word sample, crafted by your personal consultant.  This will allow you to determine if this writer meets all of your requirements and expectations.  We are always prepared to select another writer in the case that you are not satisfied.

Complimentary Research Help

Our research paper writing experts are able to assist you with locating the sources needed for your work.  If you struggle with finding any source or a journal used by our academic writers, we promise to guide you in the direction you need to go.

We Will Fully Reference Your Work

When you order your model answer, it will be fully referenced and in the style that you request.  The order also includes a complimentary bibliography.

Full-Confidentiality Service 100% Guaranteed

When you order our services, your details will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and privacy.  We require that you only provide information necessary to complete your academic writing order.  We refrain from asking specific questions, such as the name of your university or college.  Furthermore, it is not our policy to give any of your personal details to any third-party entity for any reason.

On Time Amendment Delivery

We guarantee that every amendment will be delivered on time.  Your amendments are generally delivered to you within 24hrs; however our standard return policy requires up to 48hrs, maximum.  Essay Writing Service UK offers a 10% discount for each day that the amendments are delayed. If a large number of amendments are required, we ask that you accept these returned in a reasonable amount of time. No amendments should ever take longer than a week (e.g., chapter changes in a MSc thesis).

Free Amendments Satisfaction Guarantee

Essay Writing Service UK offers a free amendment reporting writing service to accommodate clients who are not satisfied with their model answer.  If your model answer does not meet your expectations, for any reason, you must contact us within 7-14 days of the date your work is received.  The model answer is limited to a 7-day amendment service, whilst dissertation assignments have a 14-day amendment period.

Complimentary Quality Report

Our QA department performs thorough essay reviews to ensure that your requirements are met.  We implement the necessary checks and balances in order to deliver the custom model answer that you expect.  Upon the completion of your order, an essay review will critique for minor grammatical errors, as well as authenticate noted references.

Work Written By Qualified Writers

Essay Writing Service UK operates under strict regulations and employee standards.  We hire academic writers who have elite experience and/or are current practicing, qualified professionals in your subject area, only.  Our academic writers are expected to adhere to all of our standards and guidelines in order to remain employed by Essay Writing Service UK.

We Will Never Re-Sale or Publish Your Work

Essay Writing Service UK guarantees that your custom order is covered under our re-sale promise.  This means that your model answer will never appear on any websites or external databases.  We promise to never re-sale, publish, exploit, or give away your custom order at any given time. The work is confidential between yourselves and Essay Writing Service UK.

Comprehensive Plagiarism Scan

Every model answer that we prepare is fully scanned to ease any apprehension that you may have.  We use reliable plagiarism scanning software to ensure that your article is plagiarism-free.  Your work is compared to over 1million essays, 9billion web pages, as well as against 200,000 journals, digital books, and previous works.  When you receive your order, Essay Writing Service UK will also provide a complimentary copy of the scan.

Plagiarism-free Guarantee

We guarantee that your model answer will be absolutely unique and written from scratch.  Each of our academic writers is fully aware of the consequences of plagiarism; therefore we do not tolerate any form of plagiarism from any of our employees.  We promise that your essay order will be plagiarism-free or you can claim a refund.  Additionally, your paper will be re-written, free of charge, should you detect plagiarism.  Although the circumstances are very rare, if you find that your order has been plagiarised, be sure to contact us immediately.  In the case that you claim our model answer as your own, we accept no responsibility and we are not obligated to offer any refunds.  The model answer is to be used solely as a study guide or resource for further learning.

We Guarantee Your Order Will Be Delivered as Requested

Essay Writing Service UK guarantees that your model answer will be completed and delivered on time.  Our guarantee is designed to eliminate any apprehension, as well as providing you with a full refund if the work is not delivered.  Although it is highly unlikely that your essays, assignments or dissertations will be delayed, if these are returned more than 24 hours past the deadline we guarantee a full refund, as well as allowing you access to your prepared document.  In addition, Essay Writing Service UK offer a free complimentary essay writing service to further compensate you for the trouble. 

Guaranteed to be the Grade You Order or Your Money Back

A custom written example from Essay Writing Service UK is designed to assist you in crafting a bespoke research paper of your own.  And, when you make an order, we guarantee that the example provided will be written to this standard as per our standard marking policy. The paper that you order is to be used as a study guide only.  It is written to be an example and to assist you with your understanding of essay or dissertation writing.  Our policy does not allow any student to submit the work we have provided to them or claim this to be their own work as this would be cheating. Upon the completion of your own work, by submitting it to our markers for review, you can be confident that the work you have produced is of a high enough quality to get the grade you want. Our critiquing service will use a marking sheet to inform you of the mark you are likely to receive.  The marking sheet is also used to advise you on how to improve your essay, if necessary.  If your work is marked as a 2.1 by our professional writers and you don't achieve a 2:1, you are entitled to receive your money back both for the original example and the critique / marking service. The marking policy can be viewed here. For a copy of our usage policy, please click here.

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