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How Essay Writing Service UK deals with the fraudulent purchase of essays

From time to time Essay Writing Service UK has to deal with cases in which an essay has been ordered and paid for by fraudulent means. This means that a client has paid for the essay with somebody else's credit card, bank account, or Paypal account without their authorisation.

Whenever we are unable to resolve these issues and have to refund the individual who has been affected by fraud, and are at the same time unable to recover our losses, we will publish the original essays on our website. We do this because the work has not been paid for and as such the client has lost all rights to have the work remain confidential, thus leaving this free for us to publish. In the event of fraudulent activity, we always inform the police and Action Fraud.

If the work is submitted on an academic course it will be detectable by university plagiarism scans and Turnitin software. The fraudulent individual will then not only be removed from his or her degree course, but will also face very serious criminal charges resulting from unauthorised use of both a paid service and another persons finances.

The essays published on this page include a selection that have been ordered from Essay Writing Service UK and which later turned out to have been fraudulently purchased.  They are now free to be read by other individuals as samples of the quality of the work we produce.

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