Writing vs. Typing: Which Is Better For Your Study?

A lot of research has been done over the years to find out the benefits of various study methods. The principal of all study relies on taking notes and writing assignments but with the dominating world of technology a shift has been seen from handwriting to typing. At Essay Writing Service UK we would encourage students to stick to traditional handwritten methods and here's why.


Writing boosts memory

Scientists have been increasingly interested in the effects of writing versus typing when it comes to memory. The process of actually writing out notes has been found to boost memory. When you write down notes you are likely to be thinking about the material at the same time rather than just focussing on getting it out onto paper. Although more laborious and time-consuming, this can actually help commit the information to memory.


Information is digested

In the same way that writing boosts memory, writing improves our chances of actually understanding concepts, ideas and information. For example, in a lecture setting a student would not be able to write out word-for-word what is said because handwriting takes time. However, the process of typing is much quicker making it possible to transcribe everything.

As a result, those who choose to write are more likely to actually digest the information because they are required to listen and think about it first in order to condense it for the page. This does not happen when typing because there is more of a focus on transcribing than actually thinking and summarising. Taking notes largely relies on putting information in your own words so that when you return to it for an assignment of exam revision you can better understand it.


Practise spelling

It may seem silly but writing rather than typing is a better test of your spelling. Typing can make it too easy to become reliant upon the powers of spell checker. If you are writing out notes or an assignment and become unsure how to spell a word, actively looking up the word's spelling is a good practice. Studies performed back when mobile phones were on the rise found that predictive text and slang decreased spelling ability, and this works in the same way for typing on a laptop over writing.


Less distractions

If you find it hard to concentrate during study times at home, in the library or during lectures one of the best solutions is to cut out technology. Switching off your mobile and laptop or leaving them locked away somewhere beyond reach will give more focus and concentration to study.

Although when you type on your laptop it gives you access to online dictionaries and analysis resources, it also opens up a whole selection of distractions. Spending time checking your social media feeds or watching funny videos when you should be studying just isn't an option when you write rather than type.


Personalised style

Although there are many ways for you to format notes on a computer, choosing to put pen to paper gives vaster opportunities for personalising your work. Many people learn best through visual methods so handwritten notes arranged in a style to suit you can be much more beneficial. Don't underestimate how useful categorising subjects by colour is, highlighting headings and crucial information, or making your own diagrams.


Perfecting your own personal style of note taking can come in very handy during memory exercises. Even if you aren't lucky enough to have a photographic memory, digesting information which has been written in your own hand can be far easier. You can also amend the notes, scribble or correct things and go back and add further information, all of which enhances your learning. Create a style that works best for you. Maximising your strengths and utilising advantageous methods is a valuable part of learning.


After reviewing the benefits of writing we couldn't stress enough how important it is to stick to pen and paper during study (at least sometimes). Try writing your notes up next time before you switch your laptop on and see how it improves your learning!


We understand that studying can be hard though which is why at Essay Writing Service UK we offer practical advice and proofreading for essays and dissertations. Contact us for more information and visit our blog for further advice and tips.