Winter Wellbeing: Avoid Student Sickness This Autumn/Winter

With the winter chill creeping its way in there are a few simple things you can do to avoid winter sickness. A student environment is often a prime place for sickness bugs and infections to spread, and this only increases during the colder times of year. At Essay Writing Service UK we advise all students to look after themselves especially during the winter months.


Don't overwork yourself

One of the most important things which can affect your immune system is stress. Leading a hectic student lifestyle is common during the winter months as deadlines mount up and more dates get added to your social calendar. Managing your workload effectively is essential. Pushing yourself too hard can have adverse effects, preventing you from completing everything you need to. So...


Take a night off

Counter your stress levels by giving yourself breaks now and again. It has been scientifically proven that working too intensely for a lengthy period of time is much less productive than if you integrate breaks into your routine. Treat yourself to a night off. You could have a film night in with friends, or go out for a meal, to the cinema, a gig, or just to your local bar. Drinking too much alcohol can affect your immune system though – be extra careful and avoid packing in too many wild parties!


Have a good night's sleep

If you are tired your body is more prone to infection. Fitting a good night's sleep into your routine will make you feel fresher in the morning and give you a better start to the day. It's not a case of sleeping longer though but making sure you have quality sleep. Avoid unnecessary levels of stress to keep nighttimes restful.


Find time to exercise

When it starts to get colder and the days get shorter it can be easy to lose motivation for exercising. Keeping fit and active plays a big part is staying well during this time. If you don't want to head out for a run, think about how you could juggle more walking into your routine. Try getting up earlier to walk into campus instead of catching the bus, or go out during lunchtimes. There are a number of ways you can exercise at home too. Or register at your university's gym.


Wrap up warm

Wherever you're going, keeping yourself warm is a must. Shivering depresses the immune system which can make you more likely to catch sickness bugs or colds. Particularly after a mild autumn, icy weather can shock the body, so that it is harder to adapt. If your winter wardrobe is looking a bit bare invest in a decent coat, some jumpers, and other warm items – knits are in fashion!


Keep an eye on your heating

Living on a student budget makes it more natural to hold off from putting the central heating on, but place health above cost when necessary. Save pennies by setting your heating on a timer to come on for an hour or two in the mornings and evenings when you need it the most. Being in a stuffy environment though encourages germs and can cause aggravation to the body's defences so keep an eye on the temperature level.


Carry hand gel in your bag

Being stuck on a crowded bus, train or tram is when your body is more susceptible to sickness. Germs hang in the air but also stick to public spaces such as handrails and doors. It may sound a bit excessive to some but carrying handgel in your bag can help you stay well. Washing your hands often will avoid the likelihood of sickness transmitting, particularly when you are in these poorly ventilated public places.


Boost your immune system

Getting enough vitamin C when the sun starts to disappear is easy by eating the right foods high in antioxidants. Try berries, citrus fruits, carrots, and dark, leafy greens. As well as maintaining a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables, stocking up on bottled vitamins, probiotics, and herbal remedies can boost your immune system, helping to fight infections. Check your local chemist or health food store for recommended items, and fit in a cup of herbal tea every day too.

If you are feeling strained from your winter workload, we can help at Essay Writing Service UK. Our specialists can provide guidance and advice across your academic studies. Contact us today for help with proofreading, dissertation and essay advice, or general queries. Learn how to stay safe on campus this autumn/winter too. Visit the rest of our blog for more tips.