What if Students Read More than they Drank?

What If Students Read More Than They Drank (Click on the Image below to find out!)

The average student spends around 19 hours per week drinking; time which parents might say could be put to better use in achieving a first class degree that will eventually land you a killer job.

On average, a student reads around 450 words per minute, imagine if you swapped half of your drinking time and focused on reading instead! Click on the image below to see just how much more you could get though during your degree:

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Throughout school, and even college to some extent, your education is pretty much spoon-fed to you. There's homework to do, of course, and if you really want to improve your grades then you can do extra reading, but it's not usually compulsory.

However, university is a completely different story, and it can often be a huge culture shock to complacent students. Not only do you have to attend lectures, seminars, and tutorials that fall outside of your previous 9:00am to 3:30pm routine, you also have to heavily supplement your class time with reading in your own time.

 Lifestyle versus Education

It goes without saying that the education you receive at university is some of the most important stuff you'll ever learn. But that's not to say that it all comes from the books you read and the classes you attend. Living away from home for the first time also comes with its own learning curve.

Your time at university is the perfect time to discover how to be independent and look after yourself. As a student you need to learn how to manage your budget and make your loan go further, perhaps supplementing it with a part-time job. Your rent and bills need to be paid on time, and you need to buy and cook your own food cheaply whilst staying healthy – it's a lot to take on at the tender age of 18!

Social butterfly/social recluse

University students in general tend to have a reputation for enjoying the occasional drink or ten. Going out and socialising with your housemates and course mates is a great way to make friends and get to know new people; but for some students the binge drinking and socialising can overtake the real reason for paying those tuition fees.

 Find the right balance

If you want to get the most from your time at university without compromising too much on the social aspect, then Essay Writing Service can help. Let us use our expertise in drafting and writing essays to save you from spending hours on end in the library while all your mates are in the Student's Union bar enjoying themselves!