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The Top 10 British Universities

Not sure where to extend your academic career after all that essay writing is finished and your dissertation has been handed in? Take a look at our Top 10 British Universities.

1. Oxford University 

Oxford holds the great honour of being the first English speaking university, and has been held in high regard worldwide since then.

2. Cambridge University 

Cambridge was founded in 1209, and has been a popular choice with undergraduate and postgraduate students ever since.

3. University College London 

UCL is responsible for the education of 25,000 students, and enjoys a place in the top three of the best universities in Europe.

4. Imperial College London 

ICL enjoys worldwide fame as a centre of excellence for the study of science. It was founded in 1907, and offers a range of courses including medicine, natural science and engineering.

5. London School of Economics 

LSE is a global school of social science, and has a far reaching reputation for excellence in research. It began life in 1895, and offers courses in politics, economics, law and much more.

6. University of Warwick 

Warwick is a relatively young institution, having been founded just fifty years ago. Since then, it has often achieved outstanding results in the university league tables.

7. University of Edinburgh 

Edinburgh University is steeped in Scottish history, and offers over 500 degree courses. Former students who exemplify its high calibre include Sir Chris Hoy and Professor Alexander McCall Smith.

8. University of Durham 

This highly respected institution is made up of 16 individual colleges, and has been named as one of the best universities in the UK by The Sunday Times for 2014.

9. University of Glasgow 

People have been studying at the University of Glasgow since 1451. It is very focused on research, and earns £175 million a year for its findings.

10. University of St. Andrews 

This university is 600 years old this year, and is the oldest in Scotland. As a result of this, it enjoys a reputation of worldwide excellence.