Summer Holiday Essay Stress in 2020?

Summer Holiday Essay Stress in 2020

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The exam season is finished and summer is here at last, time to take a well-deserved break from the day-to-day of campus life and soak up some rays. Time, also, to reflect on the knowledge and experience gained over the course of the academic year, especially for third-year and postgraduate students, whose study continues through the summer months. You need to keep in touch with your academic field while making the most of summer time. The last thing you want is let all the year's hard work go to spoil at the final moment. Of course, staying focused on one's academic pursuits during the holiday season can, at times, be something of a challenge, particularly with the continual lure of sunshine tempting you away from the books; but this need not necessarily be the case. While it is true that, outside of the formal frameworks of seminars and lectures, you will have to find your own motivation, self-directed study can actually be very liberating, granting the student an opportunity for scholarly independence. Think about it: you finally get to study in precisely the way you want to. So why not make the most of the good weather and take your books down to the local park, study under the sun. Bring your fellow students and make it an event. Take in the fresh air and get some exercise; a healthy body stimulates a healthy mind, and this will undoubtedly boost your scholarly efforts.

In addition to the liberating schedule of summer study (goodbye to bleary-eyed Monday morning seminars), the focus and depth afforded by dissertation work gives you a chance to become intimately acquainted with a topic you feel passionate about. By now, you will have hopefully narrowed your focus down to an area that has special resonance for you, making the undergraduate dissertation, or postgraduate theses, the most personal pieces of work you will ever compose. You should embrace this truly unique opportunity to become expert in something; and remember, summer time is a happy time – so too should summer study be enjoyable, rewarding. Whether you are moving on to the next year in your course, entering the world of work, or about to progress to postgraduate study, the summer is a time of transition; a time for making decisions about your life and your career. Summer study, then, is a great primer for undergraduates considering postgraduate work; and a great chance for postgraduates to finesse their research skills. To this end, the help and advice of an experienced academic mentor can be very helpful. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with your academic needs, whether that includes proofreading, editing, or providing a full custom essay as an exemplar to direct you with your own composition. Please feel free to contact us here or to call us on 0203 011 0100. Moreover, our website is packed with useful guidance and advice to help you return to, or continue with, your studies on top form.