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41 Revision Tips to Help You Study Smarter

With Christmas fast approaching, January exams and deadlines loom not far beyond. Most of us don’t like to think of studying again until the big day is over, but when the time comes and the reindeer dust has settled, you’re left with a festive hangover, newfound holiday weight, and all sorts of new gadgets and distractions – revision is the last thing you want to do.

But hope is not lost. It’s the 21st century and thanks to new techniques, technology and information becoming available every day, there is a whole host of things you can do to optimise your revision and study smarter, not harder. With these 41 tried and true tips you’ll realise that it’s not just about what you can read and remember – almost every aspect of your life can be tweaked to help you perform better on the big day.

So stop procrastinating, get off Buzzfeed and Facebook, move your diet away from energy drinks, break out all that stationary you bought at the start of the year and employ your brain to improve your learning!