Summer Ideas for Students

Summer Ideas for Students

A Definitive Guide to What you Should to Do Over Summer

Choosing what to do over summer can be a challenge for many students. It's important to make use of your free time away from university. Should you go travelling? Should you stay at home? One thing's for sure, you need to make the most of summer. When you graduate it's unlikely that you'll get this amount of free time ever again, you're lucky to have it.

Lots of students waste lots of time during the summer break. It's easy to spend your days lazing around, doing nothing - well doing nothing worthwhile anyway. Playing Xbox isn't really a productive way to spend your summer holidays.

This guide is packed full of useful resources to help students make the most of summer. From money-saving advice to top travel tips, you'll find everything you need to have a productive and rewarding summer.

What To Do Over Summer 2020


How to Save Money Over the Summer

Make the most of summer by fixing your finances. Being a student often means being broke. Sometimes it can seem that your money doesn't quite stretch far enough and that you're constantly counting the pennies. This is especially poignant during the summer when you'll want to take advantage of all the fun things you can do but might not have the cash to do so.

These resources will show you how to spend less over the summer months and make your cash last right up until your next loan instalment. You'll also find out how to make some key summer purchases and enjoy yourself, but on a budget.


Earn the Extra Cash You Need with a Summer Job

Finding a summer job is extremely difficult. Many employers would much rather hire staff that will be there all year round than hire someone on a temporary basis. But there is a solution. There are some jobs out there that suit students down to a tee, for example work at summer camps or festivals et cetera. And obviously there isn't just one way to make money.

Here you'll see some information on the kind of jobs you should be looking for and tried and tested methods for getting a job as a student.


Travelling Ideas for Students

There's nothing like travelling for broadening your horizons. You can see some amazing sites around the world, meet a load of interesting people and have brand new experiences.

Here are some tips to help you if you're a student thinking about travelling this summer. Check out our list some of the destinations that are popular with students who love to travel and trips that are excellent value for money. Plus, you'll learn how to make savings no matter where you're travelling to.


Improve Your Career Prospects with Summer Work Experience

It's not good enough to come out of university with strong qualifications nowadays. Thousands will graduate with similar qualifications to you. That's why you need to set yourself apart from the masses. Employers expect to see examples of valuable work experience on your CV. It might pay to do a summer internship before you finish university.

These posts will give you some top tips on finding and getting accepted onto an internship. You will also gain access to some of the top resources for searching for the right internship for you.


Give Something Back by Volunteering Over Summer

Another way to gain valuable experience for your CV is through volunteering with charitable organisations. Students who volunteer also find the experience to be extremely fulfilling – it's gratifying to be able to give something back to society.

Use these resources to find out why you should volunteer, as well as some of the best organisations to do it with.


Perform to the Best of Your Ability on Summer Resits

If you didn't quite make the grade the first time around you'll be dreading resitting your exams. Thankfully though you have some time during the summer to prepare and do much better than previously.

These articles are some of the best revision guides out there. Have a go at some of these techniques to ensure a pass this time around. You'll also learn how to reduce exam stress.


Make Summer Fun Wherever You Are

It's not all about working over the summer! You work hard throughout the academic year right? So, you'll want to have days out in the city and at theme parks and festivals and do whatever other fun things you can do while the sun is (hopefully) shining.

These great posts indicate some of the best things to see and do throughout the UK. There are also some top ideas for fun things to do on a budget.


Use the Summer to Focus on Self-Improvement

The time you have over the summer can also be spent bettering yourself. You have a few months here to be able to achieve one of your goals.

These guides offer advice on how to achieve a wide range of goals from getting fit to learning a language to reading all of the books that every young person should read by the time they have finished university. What's more there's a huge list of resources for places you can learn all sorts of wonderful new skills.


Get Ahead of Everyone Else by Prepping for Next Year

This section is reserved for the cool kids... Joking aside, there's no harm in getting some extra studying in during the summer if you need to. Let's say you really want to improve on your grade next year, or you think you will struggle under the pressure of having too much to do in final year.

There's a list here of the key practical things you need to do before going back to uni such as re-enrolling on your course. The rest of the resources highlight the most effective ways to study over the summer.