Are Students Still Satisfied in 2015

UK Student Satisfaction 2015

Many will be shocked to see the results of the National Student Survey 2015. Students paying the higher £9,000 tuition fees took part for the very first time this year. As a result of this you would expect a significant decline in student satisfaction levels. Yet, the 300,000 students who took part remain just as satisfied with the time they have spent at university as students were last year.

The new, higher fees were introduced back in 2012. Because most of the respondents to the survey were final year undergraduates this meant that around two-thirds of them have been paying £9,000 for tuition. Therefore the survey indicates that the rise in fees has not altered the level of satisfaction among students, considering the same percentage of students were satisfied with higher education in 2015 as they were in 2014.

Another shocking revelation which came out of the survey is that the top-scoring universities for satisfaction weren't necessarily the more prestigious Russell Group institutions as you might expect. In fact, more medium-size or campus-based universities came out on top. And this is highly significant!

The reason being, tuition fees are set to rise again in 2017-8. The National Student Survey is likely to play a role in which universities will be allowed to raise their fees. Here's something for you to ponder on: Does this mean that some of the less prestigious UK universities will wind up charging more for tuition than esteemed universities?

Students Still Satisfied in 2015

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Students Still Satisfied in 2015