Settling in at University

Starting university, particularly if you are moving away from home, can be an overwhelming experience.  There are, however, several ways to feel settled as quickly as possible, so that you can concentrate on your studies.  Here are the top tips for feeling at home and settling in at university.

  • Make your university accommodation feel like home.

Bringing your own bed covers and cushions will instantly make your new room feel like it belongs to you.  It's also great to add things like photographs of family or friends if you are living far from home.  Organise all your clothes, food, and kitchen utensils so you can find everything you need easily. Make sure that photo of your loved one is next to your bed for when you wake up in the morning. 

  • Look after yourself.

It can be tempting to drink far too much, live on a diet of junk food and get no exercise. However, indulging too much in alcohol and fatty food will leave you feeling tired and sluggish, and you'll put on weight at the same time.  Cook simple meals and make a point of going for a walk or taking some other form of exercise every day. You want to be able to pay attention in your lectures and tutorials, and making sure you eat properly and sleep well are instrumental in being able to do this.

  • Structure your time.

It's great to socialise and make new friends, but you need time to yourself too when settling in at university.  It's equally good to work hard at your studies, but you need to find a healthy outlet for stress as well.  To be able to do all this, you should allocate time for seeing friends, for studying and for having relaxing time to yourself.  Doing this will mean you perform well at your work, have a good social life and feel calm and centred.