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How To Take Killer Notes In Class (And Improve Your Studying)

Depending on what kind of learner you are will depend on which method of note taking is most effective for your personality. During your study, classes and lectures are an essential learning tool for making the most out of your education and gaining results. Therefore it’s important to learn how to take killer notes in class effectively to retain and retrieve information much more easily. Read More...

25% OFF - It's a Xmas Miracle

It's nearly time for Santa to come down your chimney! But wait, there's more! So, it's Xmas. You have a lot of assignments to cover, but the festivities are getting in the way and you've spent a lot of money on gifts. So, we have a solution. And it takes just three simple steps. On Facebook, like our page, share a promotional post we have and comment 'YES' underneath. That's it, and then we will send you a special 25% discount code through Facebook messenger. It really is that simple. Navigate to and like us :) Then, find the post which looks like this.... Essay Writing Service UK Then share Read More...

Season’s Greetings

Hello everyone and season’s greetings from all the team at Essay Writing Service UK. Raise a glass, the holidays are here again. Cliff Richard’s on the radio, the tinsel is out, and festive cheer is in the air. With four weeks without lessons, it’s time to kick back by the Christmas tree and get down to some well-deserved rest and relaxation. After all, you deserve it. This has been a busy year, full of late-nights and deadlines, heavy reading and, quite probably, far too much caffeine. One of the joys of Christmas is taking the time to be still, watching cheesy movies with the family and indulging in festive snacks Read More...

What Does Your Handwriting Say About Your Personality?

Intrigued in what your handwriting says about your personality? Whether you have the neatest handwriting, scruffiest handwriting or something in between, check out our infographic and see what your handwriting reveals... Read More...

Best Practices For Successful And Effective Learning

Identifying the learning style which you’re most comfortable and most productive at using is now much easier with this best practice guidebook. Whichever learning styles you prefer, familiarise yourself with the best practices and techniques for that style for successful and effective learning. Read More...