Make your university time memorable

All of us will have had the conversation. The conversation with those a little further advanced in years than yourself, telling you to make the most of the carefree years of young adulthood. It may not seem so at the time, what with burying yourself under a mountain of books and attending lectures each day but, university is a time to that should be filled with laugher and enjoyment, as well as working towards your future vocation.

Three years may seem like a long time, especially on that first orientation day, but the reality is that it's not. Before you know it you'll be thrust into the big wide world armed with a piece of paper. Gone will be the days of spending hours in the student bar, paying for your weekly food with coins from your pocket and trying not to fall asleep in lectures. This time should be cherished.

Life at university isn't complicated. In fact it's very simple. The trick is to be as disciplined in your approach to your studies as possible whilst devoting the time to relaxing and enjoying yourself. With that being said a considerable amount of maturity is needed to make sure that you achieve the degree and look back on your time with fond memories.

One of the key factors to success in university life is to understand that further education serves to prepare you for the workplace and to mould you into a responsible and productive person. Lecturer's aren't babysitters, nor is their role to hold your hand through a degree. University helps you identify and hone your goals, put the polish on an, almost fully developed, personality so you can face the world with confidence.

Parents invest considerable faith, and in the majority of cases, finance not to mention trust in a university institution feeling that their children are in the right place for future success. Today, it's understood that students will sow their wild oats, but emotional intelligence is just as important as academic capability. For many, university provides the perfect stage for a young adult to blossom. Now, this hardly gives us licence to indulge the wildest innermost desires but when going for a job interview impressions count. A confident and well-rounded person is far more likely to be awarded a position than a shrinking violet shrugged in a chair. University can teach you this.

It's important to make the most of your time at university. You won't be able to get the time back, and when looking back in years to come, you'll have fond memories to treasure – and a qualification that will set your career off in the right direction.