Life After Graduation - What Next For A Postgraduate?

Life After Graduation - What Next For A Postgraduate?

Just graduated from University or College and not sure what your postgraduate plan is? Turning those “what are you doing after graduation” questions into reality can be exciting but also quite scary and stressful. Making those postgraduate decisions can become very overwhelming, as well as the University blues starting to kick in, so reading through and exploring your available options is the right way to go.

The below infographic, designed by us here at Essay Writing Service UK, outlines the postgraduate options available to you and helping you to consider whether a certain option is the right path for you or not. From making the most of your time off and going travelling and having the confidence to delve into self-employment, to considering postgraduate study to develop your skills even further and carrying out work placement to get your foot in the door with a company.

The infographic continues to go into depth on choosing to go travelling, where the key benefits and how you should go about making your travel plans are discussed. There is also a very insightful employability section which pinpoints what to include on your CV, making the most of your online presence and how to enhance it, as well as some extra considerations. Pursuing postgraduate study is also thoroughly references, where the pros and cons are weighed up.

So whether you've already got your 9 to 5 all planned out or you're yet to discover all the available options, this infographic has something for every graduate to discover and share with friends...

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