It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Christmas Newsletter

Hello everybody, and greetings from the team at Essay Writing Service UK.

The Christmas season is finally upon us, a time for wine-mulling and bell-jingling, acceptable daytime tipples, mandatory overeating, the sudden charm of tinsel, the lingering hope for snow, and, of course, the merry panic of last-minute present-buying; and a whole four weeks of break from university, to boot. But doesn't time fly? It seems only the other month that Summer Term had begun; and here we are, dusk at 4PM and fairy lights on the high street. The Christmas holidays will likewise fly by and with so much on the festive itinerary it might be hard to find time for that other vital yuletide pastime – doing nothing. That's right, a little bit of nothing goes a long way. After all the hard work of the previous semester, it's very important to let your mind at ease for a while, release the pressure valve, so to speak. Get some well-deserved rest and relaxation, it will rejuvenate your mind, helping you come back to your studies redoubled and tack-sharp; but rest only for a little while, be merrily idle only in small portions. A lot of nothing goes nowhere and anything left too long will spoil. Many of you probably have coursework deadlines through December or exams looming in January. There is no reason this should dampen your festive cheer, though. Just be sure to do a little bit of revision here and there, a few hours a day or every other day; as long as there are more productive days than idle ones then you'll be fine. And, after all, that Christmas sherry goes down so much smoother, tastes that little bit finer, when you know you've done what you needed to do.

Making the most of the holidays requires a good mix of work and play. A properly balanced festive break, in which you dedicate adequate time to your studies and your Christmas fun, will ensure better results in each department. A happy, well-rested mind, after all, is a sharper one, all the better for absorbing information and retaining it; and a sharper mind is a livelier one, shining all the more brightly at a festive table. Besides, it is probably a good idea at all events to try and counteract the inevitable Xmas food-coma with at least a small portion of intellectual energiser, lest our brains turn to Christmas jelly – and nobody wants that. A good idea might be to review all the topics covered in the last few months of study and hone in on your favourites. There are bound to be a few items that caught your interest more than others and that you enjoy learning about. This can be your perfect bridge between academic responsibility and holiday repose. Find a nice fireside, at home or, in lieu of that, yes, a local pub will do nicely, and curl up with a good book, a scholarly text that sparks your interest and will help you with your studies. This way you can sink into full Christmas mode without feeling guilty about your studies. Plus you'll have a few more interesting ideas with which to impress your family over Turkey and stuffing, proving that you are the dedicated student they always knew you could be.

Another great thing about Christmas is joining again with friends and family back at home, it's a very social time; and this congenial spirit is not restricted to hearth and home. The wonderful thing about modern university study – and, indeed, modern life in general – is that we are never quite all that remote from our peers, teachers and resources; we are always able to stay in touch with friends, using social media, lecturers, via email, and academic databanks, through online portals. This means you and your fellow students can stay connected with each other and your studies, all from the comfort of home, sat by your respective Christmas trees. Keeping in touch with university friends over the Christmas season is a good idea because it lends a social element to study, it makes it fun – or more fun, at least. More importantly, it provides you with a support network, a group of peers going through the same experience. This way you will never feel isolated or too far removed from the academic world. Make it work for you. Why not schedule online video-chat study groups with your friends, where each of you covers a specific part of the set readings, helping one another more deeply to understand the bigger picture. Turning study into a social event makes it that much more appealing. Furthermore, there is no scientifically proven reason that you cannot effectively conduct such study with a glass of eggnog in hand or Michael Bublé crooning in the background – whatever floats your boat, just make the event an enjoyable one. After all, ‘tis the season; and festive idioms are flouted at one's scrooge-like peril.

Consult an Expert

Another sound way to keep on top of your studies while giving place to Christmas cheer is to seek the help of an experienced academic mentor. Self-directed study can be a tricky exercise to master; it needs time, practice and, without doubt, guidance. No first-rate student ever got to the top of their game without some sort of assistance. On that note, our dedicated team is always on hand to help you in your academic needs. This includes anything from proofreading, through editing, to providing a full custom essay as an exemplar to guide you with your own work. As well as this, our website is packed with guidance and advice, blog entries and free essays to help you make it through the holiday season on top scholarly form. Please feel free to contact us here or to call us on 0203 011 0100. Finally, we would like to thank you once again for all your support over the previous year and to extend our best wishes for a prosperous 2016.