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Is using a custom essay service cheating?

There are people who consider the use of a custom essay service to be cheating.  They believe that students simply buy the essays and pass them on to their tutors without any alterations.  There will always be the odd student who does this, but they trip themselves up at examination time because they haven't tried to learn anything from the essays they are purchasing. 

The majority of students pay for a tailor made essay to use as a learning tool.  Being able to see an example answer is very helpful for students who struggle with essay writing and English skills in general.  They can see clearly how to structure their work and how to divide it into paragraphs that follow a logical sequence.  The sample essay will help inspire the student with useful link phrases that can really increase the fluency of their work; and they'll see how to use quotations or other evidence to substantiate any claims being made.  If a student is really struggling with essay writing, they can learn the skills by rewriting the example essay they have purchased.  This will stretch their English skills, and allow them to acquire better thinking skills. 

Custom essay services may be viewed as cheating by some, but for many they are a practical tool that helps in the achievement of higher grades.  When a student buys past papers, does anyone consider it cheating?  If a teacher distributes model answers, is she encouraging her pupils to cheat?  Of course not, and custom essay writing services are no different.  These services are of particular value to international students, who speak English as a second language, which causes a struggle with essay writing.  Would it be fair to condemn non English speakers for gaining help on the kind of language they should be using and how to structure their work?  Custom essay writing services can form a vital form of educational support for students who are really struggling, which can only be a positive thing.