How To Stay Safe Around Your University Campus This Autumn/Winter

Staying Safe on Campus

University can be the best part of your life. Letting certain things spoil that due to carelessness or a lack of responsibility can seriously damage your time in higher education. As the days get shorter and the nights darker, here at Essay Writing Service we know just how crucial staying safe and looking after yourself around campus is. 



Always walk in open spaces at night

Be aware of your surroundings no matter what the situation and avoid walking in unfamiliar places at night. Open spaces which are likely to have more people around tend to be safer; if something happens someone is likely to see and come to help.


Avoid walking through unlit public areas

You may always have a route into campus through a park or wooded area but this should be off limits at night. Many wooded areas tend to be poorly lit and provide coverage for any incidences that might occur. Plan a route that will take you through a thoroughly lit area.


Try to walk home in a group

It can be easy to lose your friends when you are on a night out but having an action plan to stick together is a must. If someone tries to leave the group, make sure they don't go alone. People that move in groups are less likely to be the victims of any offense compared to those that are alone.



Stay in touch with friends/family

If you are in a situation where you are on your own, whether you have left or lost your group of friends, or are travelling back from somewhere at night, stay in touch with people. A quick message to a friend or family member to tell them you are safe goes a long way. Don't cause any unnecessary worry. Make phone-calls if necessary to help you feel more comfortable and safe when alone.


Keep an eye on your locks

Student areas are particularly prone to burglaries or crime so be vigilant with your locks. Always keep windows and doors locked when you leave the house, if you are home alone, and at night. If there are any problems with your locks report them immediately to your landlord to get them fixed straight away. Many landlords present keys with a label of your house number attached; it is a good idea to remove this in case you lose your keys.


Place your belongings out of sight

Leaving electrical or expensive equipment on show when you are not around the house is a temptation to the opportunist. As well as keeping windows and doors locked, consider putting your things out of plain sight. Insurance is a good thing to have at university because things can break or go missing all the time; Endsleigh offers tailored student insurance packages to suit your needs.


Know your limits and be alcohol wise

Going out with your friends and socialising is a big part of the university lifestyle. Being careless though can ruin an entire night and can often have very dangerous consequences. When you're at a bar, club or pub always keep an eye on your drink and refuse drinks from strangers.


With the NHS announcing that every year hundreds of people are thought to be the victims of drinks spiking, as well as the increase in date rape drugs and rape cases, it is vital that you always keep an eye on your drink. Know your limits too and don't be pressurised into drinking something you don't want to. Have fun but stay safe.


Don't invite strangers back

Meeting someone when you are out, particularly under the influence of alcohol, can give you only a limited knowledge of that person. As trusting as they may seem, many people will take advantage of vulnerability. Whether you feel comfortable with them or not, don't invite a stranger back to your house. If you are interested in seeing that person again, arrange to meet somewhere public.



Save emergency or late night numbers

Have the numbers for your local services, safety watches or wardens saved in your phone. Trying to fumble around for a number that isn't there is the last thing you want. Know the late night services and schedules of your public transport options; if you are travelling alone on public transport don't sit in an empty carriage. Keep late night taxi numbers to hand too; never get into an unlicensed taxi though and always check that it is the correct vehicle before you enter.


Make sure your hands are free

If you are obstructed by an armful of books or other possessions you are an easy target. Have your hands free when you are walking or travelling alone at night. Many universities or self-defence programmes would advise carrying your keys in one hand just in case you need to defend yourself.


Making a phone-call to feel safer is a good option but be aware of what is going on around you whilst you are on your mobile, and keep your other hand free. Listening to music or using a headset isn't recommended either as you are less likely to hear someone coming towards you.



Above all here at Essay Writing Services we want you to get the most out of university. Make your university time memorable but in all the rights ways by following our guidance and taking particular care when you are out at night. For more tips and help on how to survive your first term at university, head to our blog. Our professional experts can help with any areas of academia from proofreading or advising on essays, to assisting with dissertations. Don't hesitate to contact us today.