How to get the most out of university

How to get the most out of university

The three years you will spend at university may actually be three of the most important years of your life. You're there to study your chosen subject and better your chances of employment for the future. However, whilst the time that you spend in lectures and tutorials is important in helping you to achieve a good final grade, how you spend your time outside of the lecture hall is where many students find the most enrichment. Here's how you can hit the ground running this September and really make the most of your time at university...

Go to the fresher's fair 

This usually takes place on campus in the first week of the academic year, before lectures begin. It's a great opportunity to find out what sort of extracurricular activities are on offer at the university. There will be representatives there from all of the different societies so it's a chance to find out more and sign up if you're interested. There will probably be a whole host of local businesses there too with freebies and vouchers to hand out.

Get involved with the student's union

Becoming an active member in the student's union is a great way to get the most out of your three years at university. Even if you're not particularly interested in pursuing a career in politics it can be good to get involved with student politics as it will show future employers that you have the organisational skills and leadership qualities that they are seeking.

Join a volunteer group

If your university has a volunteering organisation then join it. If it doesn't have one, speak to the student's union and see if you can start one! Volunteering in the local community, for example by helping out at soup kitchens or with conservation work, will not only look good on your CV, but it'll also enrich your time, help you to grow as a person, and help you to make new friends.

Find a good balance

Of course your primary reason for attending university and lumbering yourself with massive amounts of debt is to study your chosen subject. In order to get a good grade that will further your future employment opportunities you need to knuckle down and study hard. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to completely forgo the social aspect of university. Nights out and social events are a great way to bond with your friends and let off some steam when the stress of studying becomes too much.