How to Choose a Dissertation Topic – Five Tips

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic – Five Tips

For many students that prospect of writing their dissertation is somewhat daunting, so much so that the prospect of writing thousands of words may cause more than a few beads of sweat to appear on your brow, and even sleepless nights.

Here is a list of top tips for students that have spent an exorbitant amount of time procrastinating over their dissertation topic.

Top Tip # 1 – Don't Panic and Keep Things in Perspective

When all is said and done your dissertation will not be read by too many people. The document should be one that piques the attention of a small audience, primarily due to the dynamic style and content. You are not writing a speech for Barak Obama to address to the American people. On the subject of content, it's important that you choose a subject that you're interested in, and one that you have sufficient knowledge of. This will allow you to write with authority and enjoyment.

Top Tip # 2 – Be Organised and Maximum your Research Efforts

As with undertaking any educational or work commitment you must go about it in an efficient and organised manner. This organisation allows you to fulfil your work commitments in a timely manner. It's important from the initial stages of writing your dissertation that you are diligent and gain a thorough understanding of what you wish to discuss. Not only will this reduce your stress but the organisation will allow you to keep your creativity flowing throughout the whole process.

Top Tip # 3 – Pick and Interesting Subject Matter

Your chosen subject matter should be interesting to both yourself and your lecturer. Your interest in the subject will you forward in those moments when you feel your motivation somewhat waning. Your tutors' interest in the subject matter will compel them to want to read what you've written and as such increase your chances of getting a better grade.

Top Tip # 4 – Choose a Manageable and Solvable Research Problem

One of the more common mistakes students make is selecting a dissertation project with a scope that's too broad. It's important to select a problem or topic and address and resolve it in a reasonable period of time. This is especially true of students that are writing a dissertation for a medical / pharmaceutical degree or masters, after all innovation may make the subject matter redundant in a short period of time. Moreover, have you even considered whether the problem is solvable? Choosing a problem with a definite solution is paramount.

Top Tip # 5 – Hone Your Research Skills

Immediate feedback from your course tutor, or an experienced and knowledgeable professional, is a sure-fire way to evaluate the effectiveness of the research that you intend to, or already undertaking. Use current research methods and statistics. If there are gaps in your literature or have encountered poor methodology examples then these must be addressed prior to starting the dissertation.

These are just five tips that should aid all students when choosing their dissertation topic. Remember the importance of your dissertation, and don't make the mistake of investing a considerable period of time researching and writing a dissertation of the wrong subject matter.