Get Out & See The World In 2021

Get Out & See The World In 2021

Everyone needs a little bit of escapism from hectic and busy schedules. Keep those university stresses to a minimum by planning your next travelling adventure. Whether you decide to go away for just a weekend, or take a longer break hopping between places, now that we've entered 2015 it's time to start planning. Here at Essay Writing Service UK we've come up with handy guide to help you on your way.

 Create a mindmap of ideas

Decide where it is that you want to go first and work from there. If you have always seen yourself wandering the streets of Paris, or living it up in the USA, realise the potential of these dreams. Know what kind of holiday you are looking for, from a city break to take in the culture, to a sunny relaxing retreat, or a high-impact adventure holiday.


Explore your options

Be realistic with how much you are able to afford. Avoid taking too big a sum from your savings; they may prove particularly handy when it comes to your post-graduation plans or settling a deposit on a rented property. If you prefer luxury, consider taking a shorter trip or one closer to home so you don't have to compromise on comfort. For cheaper accommodation which lets you go further afield, look into exchange programmes, volunteering, hostels, or renting an apartment. These can prove much cheaper!


Find a friend or companion

The purpose of the holiday may be friend orientated or purely for self discovery. Find a friend to take with you on your travels or look into joining up with a group if you plan to go it alone. We would advise that you take extra caution if travelling by yourself, being particularly fastidious when it comes to planning and organising your trip. If you are travelling with someone else or in a group make sure everyone has the same expectations and is happy with the final plans, such as location and cost.


Do all the important things you might forget

Booking a holiday is great but finding out that you passport is invalid a week before you go is not! Before you even confirm accommodation or flight arrangements check that your passport is in date and will cover you for the duration of your stay. Also don't forget to sort insurance for your trip, doing your research beforehand. The best deal may not provide you with the best or most relevant coverage. It may even be worth paying that little bit extra for yearly travel insurance if you are likely to use it.


Pack light to save hassle

Know where you stand when it comes to baggage allowance. If you have booked a cheap flight you will likely have to pay extra for luggage left in the hold. Where possible stick to hand luggage for your trip and pack smart. Plan your outfits before you pack so that you don't end up taking far too much. Who needs five bikinis anyway, or ten shirts for a weekend break? Have a look through the government's luggage restrictions and check that your airline or airport doesn't have any others of their own.


Know what you can eat and drink

Do some delving into the culture of the country you plan to visit, looking at their food and drink traditions. This is particularly important if you have specific dietary requirements so that you know where to head to and what's on offer. If you're going to an English-speaking country things are likely to be easier. Many European countries are taking big steps when it comes to vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free diets though. Don't miss out on experiencing some of the local delicacies when out there!


Stay in touch with people back home

Worrying your parents by not staying in touch is a big no-no. There are a number of dos and don'ts when it comes to communicating from abroad. Always turn your 3G off to avoid ridiculously high phone bills and make sure you phone has the roaming feature activated. To avoid pricey calls if you are staying away for a longer time, purchase a holiday plan through your mobile provider or look into finding an internet cafe to Skype with the people back home.


Make 2021 the best it can be by putting those travelling dreams into action. Organise the trip of a lifetime or just a much-earned break by planning ahead now. At Essay Writing Service UK we are here to help you through your studies; contact us to find out how. Check out the rest of our blog for more tips.