Freshers Week

Freshers week is the highlight of the first year at university.  New students often find themselves attending a lot of parties, concerts and nightclubs, as various outlets vie for their custom.  It is tempting to end up drinking much more than is sensible, and spending a huge amount of money in just a week.  The result of that is feeling physically and mentally ill at the end of Freshers week, and woefully unprepared for the new university term.  

Students don't have to lock themselves in their halls of residence to be able to feel prepared for the new term.  It is possible to enjoy Freshers week and get organised!  It's important to spend a portion of each day of Freshers week making preparations for the new term.  It's a good idea to get equipped with reading lists, buy books and make sure that all the stationery required has been bought.  Students should make a note of when and where they will be attending lectures and tutorials, and calculate how long the journey will take.  It's also prudent to make a note of all the assignment due dates over the term ahead, in order to know how much work is required from the start. 

Freshers week is a great time to sign up for an exercise programme.  The university gym will most likely have a special offer on for new members, and joining fees are always much much cheaper than private fitness centres.  There will be a choice of classes too, so it should be easy to find a way of integrating exercise into the new life and routine. 

After getting organised for the study ahead, there's no reason why freshers shouldn't enjoy a night out with new found friends.  Having a meal before going out will help to ensure the practical things still get done the next day, as will setting a limit on spending and leaving bank cards at home.  Freshers week can be a brilliant opportunity to socialise, make new friends and join new clubs and societies; so students should make the most of it!

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