Dumb Career Advice You Should Ignore

Dumb Career Advice You Should Ignore

It can be tricky to know what you want to do in life and which career path you want to climb onto. With advice drifting in from everyone including your parents, an elderly relative you barely see, and the next door neighbour back home, knowing what to listen to and what to block out is tough. At Essay Writing Service UK we have five pieces of advice that really are more dumb than valuable.


Follow your dreams/passions

Sure, it may be a nice theory but realistically it’s very rare for anyone to get paid for doing exactly what they love. ‘Passion’ is a bit of a cringeworthy word anyway and should be used with caution. If your hobbies include watching Netflix and eating chocolate on a Friday night, or playing video games with a pint of beer, following this won’t get you far in a career. Just like those dreams you have where you are invisible…What’s more important is to separate hobbies and careers; the things you like doing may be able to fit into both but you don’t want to lose the fun factor.

Do what you’re good at

It has the potential to be a great sentiment but being good at something and having a successful career aren’t always linked. Talent or skill comes after hours of practice and learning. As a graduate it is more likely that you will pick a job in order to become good at something. Expanding your knowledge is vital in the world of work. Consider instead how you can do something valuable. Choosing a career that makes the most of your existing skills as well as letting you develop them and new ones is the most valuable.

Don’t take just any job

Although you shouldn’t just jump at the first job available, the jobs world is becoming increasingly competitive. As such it is unlikely for you to get your perfect job first time round. Careers are all about development and climbing up that ladder as you gain experience and expertise. The unfortunate truth is that two out of five graduates are still unemployed six months after finishing their studies. Don’t let this scary statistic put you off though. Instead keep this in mind when you are applying and accepting or rejecting opportunities. Any experience can come in handy.

Things will fall into place

It’s easy to fall into the trap that good things will eventually come to those deserving few who wait, but really the idea that things will fall into place is just a lazy one. Things rarely happen unless you initiate them. Planning is the best tool you can utilise. The earlier you can start looking for jobs and getting your CV up to scratch, the better most of the time.


Plan internships or work experience during holiday seasons, in your free time or even in a year out. The worst thing you can do is graduate from university with no direct work experience in your desired field. Any experience will give you the edge over the competition though. It is becoming an essential factor now in careers, with many employers discounting candidates without experience.



Hard work will pay off

Yes, all those hours you spent studying and achieving good grades at university will pay off. Butin the working world this is not necessarily the same. It is easy to become exploited in unpaid internships (especially), never rising above the status of coffee maker or photocopying kid. Earning the trust of your employer in order to gain responsibility can be difficult for graduates, but this shouldn’t deter you. Instead, work smarter. Get the most out of every career opportunity by prioritising your own development. Boost your skills, network, gain contacts, and impress.


Get the right attitude for work and ignore all of the dumb advice coming your way. Develop your own set of rules and prioritise what is most important for you in a career. We can help you get through your studies at Essay Writing Service UK. Get in touch or visit our blog for university and study advice.