5 Things Every First Year Needs For Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and, for first year students, this marks the end of their first term at Uni! Whilst many students flood home to enjoy home-cooked food and central-heating, those at home are busy preparing for their arrival and for the festive season ahead.

Christmas is the ideal opportunity to stock up on the things that are really important to first-year students, but also give them things to help them in the months ahead. If you’ve got a first-year coming home for Christmas, these are the best gifts you can buy for a student…

Best Christmas Gifts For Students

1. Coffee Machine / Cafetière

This is the perfect balance between a practical present and a real treat! Many millennials struggle to get a good start to their day without a little caffeine-injection! A compact coffee machine solves this and can fit in a small student kitchen or even bedroom if required. A coffee machine or cafetière is also practical as it will reduce the amount of money spent on those early-morning takeaway coffees.


If they’re not a coffee drinker then a small teapot for one makes a great alternative!

2. Board Games / Card Games

You’d be amazed at how a good old-fashioned board game can entertain students! They’re a great way of filling an evening and taking a break from studying. It doesn’t matter if it’s a multi-player board game or a game of cards, as long as housemates and friends can all play, it makes for a fun-packed few hours. We feel like it is worth flagging that, any board or card game you buy will probably be used during pre-drinks at some point!

3. Hot Water Bottle / Heated Slippers

We all know that living as a student means being tight on the purse strings in certain areas. Often comforts that we take for granted at home, such as heating, can be out of the student budget. So, this Christmas, give a piece of that warm cosy feeling as a present! A hot water bottle (or two!) may sound boring but is guaranteed to be well-received. A pair of slippers or socks that can be heated up in the microwave are also perfect for students who sit at their laptops for long periods of time.


4. TV Licence / Streaming Subscription

Make sure your first-year student is covered this Christmas. A TV licence or subscription to a streaming service makes for a useful gift for any student. Knowing that they’re able to enjoy their favourite entertainment the right way also gives you peace of mind. It’s also a token gesture to the rest of their housemates who are bound to benefit too! After all, Christmas is all about giving…

5. Photo Frames / Photo Board

Time spent at University is precious and is all about making memories. But it’s important to carry memories of home back to Uni too. Photo frames, boards and albums are one of the best Christmas gifts for students. They’re useful, fun and will help to collect treasured memories of their time there. But you could also start them off by printing a few photos of friends and family from home and putting them in frames to take back to their Uni room.

If you’re buying for a first-year student this Christmas, there’s absolutely loads out there that they either want, need, or don’t even know they need yet! With many students living off a tight budget, Christmas is a welcome break from the financial and educational pressures of University.

Make the most of having your first-year home over this festive season – feed them up, warm them up, and have a very Merry Christmas!

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