7 Things To Do Before You Graduate

7 Things To Do Before You Graduate

If you are in your last year at university the nerves are likely to be setting in now. As we welcome in 2015, deadlines and exams will start to spring up so that you can give that final push before graduating in the summer. After a busy winter break, making the most of the rest of your university experience is important, which is why at Essay Writing Service UK we recommend these top seven things.

#1. Start plans for after graduation

You're probably sick of the constant questions about what you plan to do after graduating which is understandable. With so many opportunities available it can be hard to decide what to do, let alone what career path to take. The new year is the perfect time to start seriously thinking about what you want from life. Don't feel pressurised into heading straight for employment though. Gap years, volunteering (abroad and within the UK), and further education are all alternative options.


#2. Apply for a graduate scheme

Grad schemes are a good way for graduates to get their foot on the job ladder. Many deadlines for applications close early so make sure you look now if you are interested in enrolling. Even if you are not sure what kind of career you want, spending some time having a look through grad scheme and graduate help websites can help give you inspiration and ideas. There may be possibilities or roles you had not previously considered or even known about!


#3. Thank your lecturers for their help

If you have a particular module that you enjoy or a favourite lecturer that has especially helped you through your university experience, let them know. University is all about being inspired to learn and pursue knowledge, so let your lecturers know how important they were in making this happen. Staying on good terms with your lecturers will also help when it comes to seeking career advice and references.


#4. Watch a university sporting competition

Even if sport isn't your thing or you are already part of a sporting team, going to watch a university sporting competition can really make you feel part of your university and boost team spirit. Support your friends in their competitions or just go along to a random match. Watching a sport you are unfamiliar with is particularly fun and you can quickly pick up on some rules.


#5. Be a tourist in your university's city 

After graduating you may decide to move away from the city of your university, whether to go back home, travel, or seek employment further afield. Make the most of what your city has to offer by becoming a tourist for the day. It will give you the chance to better experience things you may have taken for granted with the city, or uncover things you never even realised. Don your camera and map, and even book yourself onto a tour!


#6. Vote in your (local) elections

Everyone has the right to vote when they turn eighteen. Neglecting this right will only prevent your voice from being heard. With more and more students deciding to vote, together you can collectively work towards rights when it comes to higher education and job opportunities, for your generation and those to come. Register online to vote and find out more about the elections. You don't need to have a major interest in politics either in order to raise your voice!


#7. Take part in a local campaign/protest

Nothing else is quite like attending a protest. As a symbol of student life, it is surprisingly rewarding to get yourself involved in something you feel strongly about. From animal rights activism, to feminism or LGBT rights, your local city is likely to stage campaigns or protests throughout the year. Look out for these or similar things going on around campus and sign up to show your support. Protests often have bad reputations but no one needs to go round smashing things – keep it peaceful and controlled!


Here at Essay Writing Service UK we wish you all a Happy New Year! Avoid any panics during the final stage of your university life by remaining calm and seeking advice where necessary. We can help with any essay queries; just get in touch. Have a look through the rest of our blog for more tips.