7 New Year’s Resolutions For Students 2021

7 New Year’s Resolutions For Students

Now that it's December and all of the Christmas decorations are unavoidable, we've cast our minds further to thinking about the New Year. Although we believe New Year's Resolutions can and should be made any time of the year, at Essay Writing Service UK we've come up with seven resolutions all students should consider in order to start 2015 off well.


Get more organised


Stick to a more organised way of working. Make the most of your learning style and embrace what works best for you. Whether it's coloured post-it notes, a long to-do list, mindmaps, or picture cards, there are a number of ways to integrate a more organised routine of life and work into your time at university. Schedules and timetables can help you to juggle work and socials better.


Setting down these ways of working early will allow you to progress further when it comes to the future of employment too. Proving that you can handle overlapping deadlines and manage time effectively are both essential skills to many employers.


Keep your CV updated

If your CV hasn't been updated since you first applied to university then things need to change! Regardless of whether you are looking for a job or further education opportunities imminently, try to find time to keep your CV up to date. This will prevent you from forgetting any new skills you have learnt, or achievements and certificates you have acquired.


Include any work experience, volunteering and societies, as well as a detailed account of your progressive skills gained during university. The more you work on your CV, the better it will be. Linkedin is also a great place to keep an online copy of your CV. As a social network for business, potential employers can easily access your information, making this great for future job opportunities.


Cut down on distractions

With the rise of social media, digital platforms, and portable devices, there are even more ways to procrastinate from doing work. Try to cut down on all of these distractions by limiting the use of your phone or the number of TV shows you watch for example. When you sit down to work, leave you phone on the other side of the room, in a closed drawer or even switched off. Just knowing that you can't access it will allow you to concentrate better. Also save that next TV episode as a reward for doing work!


Stay on top of the housework

Many student houses are guilty of pushing the housework to one side. Don't become that one messy housemate that everyone else is left to clean up after though. Commit yourself to staying on top of the housework. Washing up your dishes straight after a meal and cleaning the kitchen work surfaces as you go will be quicker in the long run. Work out a rota within your house for cleaning communal areas such as the bathroom and hallways. A clean house will set you more at ease, helping you to prioritise work and deadlines. You can avoid those unnecessary arguments with your housemates too!


Spend and budget wisely

By the end of the year you should have a good assessment of your finances. Admittedly, Freshers Week and Christmas might have made a more significant dent in your bank account but seriously address your spendings. Budgeting wisely is essential during university to avoid coming out with an even higher student debt. You may find that you have been spending too much on clothing, electronic items or alcohol, for example, so this could be changed. Limit the number of ‘treats' to save you pennies.


Look into volunteering

One of the most rewarding things you can do is get involved with volunteering opportunities. Help out with your local community or on campus and make a difference to the people around you. You may not get paid for your time but dedicating your time and skills to different projects will help you to gather all of the skills you would do in a paid job...and more! Volunteering hours looks great on your CV and show a general interest outside of your studies and social life. Have a look to see what you can get involved in.


Join sports clubs or societies


As well as the academic and social side of university, sports clubs and societies are a big part of university culture. Your time at university might be the only chance for you to try out new sports or enrol in different clubs. Make the most of what your university has to offer and get involved in anything that takes your fancy. If you've always want to have a go at ballet or you miss playing football for your school team, look into the university's clubs. Even if things don't work out you can say you tried!


Whether you decide to do a few or all of these things, make the most of your time at university, and benefit from a more organised and eclectic experience. At Essay Writing Service UK we can help get your essay and writing skills on track. Simply contact us today for advice and guidance. Don't forget to check out the rest of our blog for more tips to get you through your time in education.