6 Things You Need To Do Before Starting University

6 Things You Need To Do Before Starting University

Once all of the paperwork is out of the way and you have your acceptance letter and student loan sorted, don't forget to think about these other six things to do before you move to university.


#1. Connect With People On Facebook


Most universities have specific groups or pages on Facebook for Freshers. If you haven't already, join! Make the most of finding out names before you actually get to uni. You may even be able to find out who else is sharing your halls or house, or other people on your course, so you can get to know each other a bit more before you arrive. This can relieve any of the awkward silences or panic when you are sat in a room of strangers.


#2. Know What's Happening In Fresher's Week

Facebook is again the perfect tool for this but your university may have their own Twitter account or a special one just for Fresher's Week. A lot of universities will send a pack of Fresher's information alongside your enrolment documents. Once you know what's on you can start having a think about what you would like to do and if there's any nights out you want to go on. Make sure you know when your Fresher's Fair and Sport/Societies Fair is held as these are important for all new starters. You will probably be asked to join every sport and society the uni has to offer but missing out and not joining anything at all will narrow your university experience. Don't be afraid to try something new, who knows!


#3. Learn How To Cook



Even if it's just a few simple recipes, it is always good to have a few meals you can cook. Living off of baked beans, toast and pot noodles may be the stereotype of a lot of students but it's not a particularly nutritious diet. You don't need to be the world's best cook but with so many cookbooks and websites out there, even ones specifically targeted at students, there is no excuse to be that one person always using the microwave!


#4. Plan What To Pack

Do you really need those twelve coats or that whole cupboard of shoes? What about your shelf of Xbox games and that guitar you haven't picked up since you were seven? Planning what to take to university can be stressful, particularly if you won't be returning home very often. Prioritise the things that you definitely need such as clothes, toiletries, work things and kitchenware, but be selective. You may find that your bedroom at university is half the size of the one at home and so there just won't be enough space for all your things. Also don't forget they have to get transported in the car, so certain bigger items might just be a no-go. If you are living in halls rather than a house you may not need certain kitchen things or household items, especially if you have catered accommodation, so check that first. Don't forget at least one smart outfit; you never know when a job interview or something similar might pop up!


#5. Get Reading



If you haven't already, now might be a great time to buy the books on your booklist. If you haven't received it yet or don't know how to get hold of it, contact your university. Obviously course dependent, your reading list may vary dramatically in length from someone else's, but regardless reading is a big part of university life. Check if your university wants you to have specific copies of a book as publishers and editions may have important differences. You can always get books out from your university library but do not rely on this as you are in competition with a lot of other students. If your course has broken up your reading list it might be easier to tell which books to prioritise that will be covered first. If you're a keen reader you might like this list of books all students should read, or this one here.


#6. Say Goodbye To People

You might get caught up in all the pre-university excitement and panic but don't forget to say bye to the people that matter most to you. You never know when you might see them again. Don't avoid your parents in the build-up to leaving because no matter how much you may argue you will miss home a lot when you go. Organise things to do with your old school friends too. The next time you see each other you'll probably all have different haircuts and speak with a new accent!

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