5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Winter Break

With only a few weeks to go until universities finish for the Christmas break, it is time to start planning ahead for how to make the most of your time away from lectures and campus. At Essay Writing Service UK we understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed by winter deadlines, which is why we recommend working out a timetable to help juggle assignments and socials.



#1. Create a to do list

Before you leave to go home, have a look at all of your assignment deadlines for the New Year, any upcoming exams, and any preparation work for lectures and seminars. Make a note of all of the dates to help you plan your time and create a system so that you know what work to prioritise. Some work may take a lot less time or preparation compared to others. You might decide to dedicate a day to a big assignment and another day to a few little pieces of work.


#2. Distribute your work

If you come up with a system where you work for a few hours on most days then you will break down your workload into manageable chunks. Leaving everything to the last minute will only cause unnecessary levels of stress and panic. Certain days you can take out of the equation completely like Christmas and New Year themselves, or any days spent visiting people or places.




Don't put too much pressure on yourself to work every day, but trying to do a small amount most days will make a big difference. Forcing yourself to concentrate on a particular assignment will be counterproductive though. Try switching to pieces of work that need less attention or focus if you are struggling, in order to ease yourself into a new working routine before tackling harder pieces.


#3. Spend time with the family

Christmas is known for being a family time so share in the tradition by spending time with everyone. Whether you come from a big or small family, the period is all about coming together. Enjoy sitting around the dinner table as a family, watching Christmas TV, or going out for walks in your local area.


Whilst you're away at university you may not realise quite how much you miss your parents or siblings so it can be nice to return home. Just don't be too shocked if things look different or your bedroom has been changed now that you aren't normally there! You may have missed out on putting the Christmas tree up this year too.




#4. Meet up with friends back home

Contact your friends back home and arrange to see them. You'll all have so many stories to tell, whether everyone is at university too or not. Trips to the cinema, Christmas shopping or nights out in your local city can all be great ways of catching up with people. If transport makes things difficult then stick closer to home and invite them for afternoon tea, arrange a party or organise a sleepover. Now that social media makes it easier to stay in touch with everyone you'll have no excuses for not creating plans.


#5. Make New Year plans

See 2014 out with a bang and welcome the New Year by making plans. You don't have to go out to a bar or club to have fun either, but could organise something with your friends or family at home. Celebrate New Year with the people that matter most and toast your accomplishments and the days to come. Even if you don't have many plans for the Christmas break itself or you're not a festive fan, having New Year to look forward to can motivate you to finish off your work and meet those deadlines.


Staying on top of your workload and avoiding rising levels of stress is important in order to beat the winter blues. Here at Essay Writing Service UK we can help to ease your workload by with our proofreading services, advice and guidance on assignments, and preparation tips to get you started. Get in touch with us today to find out more. Don't forget to read through the rest of our blog for further study help and ideas.