5 things to do every day to aid your studying

5 things you can do every day to aid your studying

It's not all about having your head in books every minute of every day. There are a few other things you can do that will help you ace those exams and essays, and they're not as hard as you might think...

1. Exercise

Rather than sitting in the library or at your desk all day long, put aside an hour or so to a bit of exercise. From a gym class to a simple walk around the block, regular exercise will help you with your studying, improving your thinking and your memory retention.

2. Healthy Eating

It's not only your body that can benefit from healthy eating – your brain can, too! Healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins increase your brain's productivity and your mental concentration. Whilst if you feast on fatty junk food, you're going to feel weak and tired, which is not what you need when you're in the middle of writing a dissertation.

3. Take up a Hobby

Even though you don't want to take away from the time that could be spent studying for those all-important exams, it's actually important that you give yourself a break every so often. Taking up a hobby is the perfect way to distract you from your work for a limited amount of time, and even has its advantages too. Learning something new, like a language or musical instrument, for example, engages and thus, strengthens the part of the brain that is in charge of ‘paying attention' – perfect for when you head back to the books!

4. Socialising

It's good to make sure that you keep a social aspect to your life when you're studying for exams or writing your essays. This doesn't have to be going out every night of the week after a full day in the library, but can be as simple as a ten-minute coffee break with a friend or even taking part in a group revision session. It gives you a bit of time to clear your mind and will help you avoid feeling too overwhelmed by your work, too.

5. Listen to Music

You may have heard of the ‘Mozart Effect' – this is about the positive effect that listening to classical music can have on your studying. Music has been proven to boost your brainpower, and whilst you might not like having your headphones in at the same time as revising, it's good to take advantage of the benefits whenever you can!