10 Outrageous Freshers Week Costumes

10 Outrageous Freshers Week Costumes

Having just started university, you'll want to make the most of the parties and revelry that goes with the territory.  A great way of making the most of all the fun is to indulge in outrageous freshers week costumes.  Here is our guide on how to dress to impress, amaze and astound!  

1.        Immoral Banker

            Borrow a suit, get yourself a cigar; and arm yourself with a bag that is illustrated with pound

            signs.  Spend the evening telling people about what a nightmare it is when bonus time

            comes around; and how you understand what it is like to be an ordinary person.

2.       Michael Jackson

           Cover your face with talcum powder and put on some heavy black eye liner.  Make your lips

           look bigger using lip liner.  Wear black tight trousers and a black shirt.  Add a

           cuddly toy monkey or even a scarf covering part of your face.

3.       Ghost of Hitler

           Wear a suit or shirt and trousers, adding an armband.  Draw on a moustache and practise

           your Nazi salute! 

4.       Botched plastic surgery victim

           Use an eye liner to draw stitches on your face, and add some fake blood.  Wrap a bandage

           round your head and add sunglasses.

5.       Tablet

           Cut some large bits of cardboard that will cover your torso, and draw icons on the front to

           make it look like a screen.  Add pictures if you dare!

6.       Michaela McCollum

           Put your hair in a top knot, make yourself look pale with talcum powder, and add a large bag

           for your 'haul'!

7.       Big Brother Eye

           Draw a copy of the iconic 'eye' image that we associate with the reality programme onto

           cardboard and wrap it round yourself.  You can tell everyone you're watching!

8.      Osama Bin Laden

          Wear a beard or draw one on, and add a turban (you can use a large scarf for this).

9.      Alan Carr

          Wear large square black rimmed glasses, and add some false protruding teeth (you can buy

          these in joke shops). 

10.   Facebook News Feed

         Using large pieces of cardboard that you can wrap around yourself, write the most outrageous

         status updates that you can find on your friend's pages.  You'll get everyone talking! 

Outrageous freshers week costumes are a great way to get that party started with a bang; and will become talking points wherever you go.  So, what are you waiting for?