10 of The Most Unhealthy Student Meals

10 of The Most Unhealthy Student Meals

Many people starting university find themselves living away from home for the first time.  The combination of mad partying and trying to get organised for study doesn’t leave a lot of time to learn to cook!  It can seem inevitable that you’ll end up indulging in the most unhealthy student meals.  Here is our top ten, so you know what to avoid! 

10 of The Most Unhealthy Student Meals

  • Kebab and chips

            Often purchased late at night after several drinks too many, most of us wouldn’t even
            consider such a fatty and unhealthy meal if we were sober.  It can taste great at the time

  • Ten pints

            It is very easy to give into the temptation of not bothering with dinner, and getting calories
            from a night on the booze is easily done.  It doesn’t feel too good the morning after though!

  • Flavoured noodles

            These are a popular choice for many students, but as they have very little in nutritional
            value, you won’t feel too energised afterwards!

  • Fizzy drinks, chocolate and crisps.

            A popular choice with those who are feeling a bit delicate after a night on the town, tastes
            great but won’t aid your recovery!

  • Gravy or curry chips

            Laden with fat and full of salt, these should be enjoyed as an occasional treat only!

  • Macaroni cheese from a packet

            This doesn’t taste great, it’s full of additives and you can make your own with not much

  • Ready Meals

            These are fine occasionally, but cooking instead will result in much tastier and more cost
            effective eating!

  • Traditional fried breakfast

             If you buy this from a cafe, it will be laden with extra fat and calories you don’t need.  Make
            your own and use the grill, not the frying pan!

  • Cheeseburger

            Very tempting when you’re hungry, but if you buy it from a fast food place; you could be
            getting all the calories you need for the day in one meal!

  • Tea and biscuits

            A student staple which is very tasty, just don’t treat it as a meal!

The most unhealthy student meals are often the most tempting; but if you want to feel energised and able to study, cooking with fresh ingredients will be much more productive!