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Virtual Reality Learning: A Technological Venture In Education

Classroom study is never lacking in development and with the evolving technology of VR in education and becoming a core teaching method amongst today’s classrooms, we wanted to look into this specific technological venture and the benefits it has compared to other methods. This animated infographic outlines exactly how Realtime Virtuality can be used in education, how it’s used as an effective learning tool, as well as some great stats! Read More...

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Recently there has been a lot of very public, highly politicised discussion as to the legality of essay writing services, with the lens focused very squarely on university regulations – which is to say, on the institutional rules under which students must work. In particular, a good deal of energy has been channelled into a punitive rationale – spearheaded by the University Standards Watchdog and echoed by the Universities Minister – in which students are, before the fact, assumed guilty of cheating for enlisting any kind of professional assistance. In other words, the accusatory assumption has been made that any student using an essay writing website is ipso facto using Read More...

A Comprehensive Guide To College Writing For First Year Students

Few first-year students are prepared to tackle the structured and complex nature of college writing. This ultimate guide to college writing will walk you through the fundamentals of writing an academic paper, answering some very important frequently asked questions about introductions, conclusions, outlines, proofreading and formatting. Read More...

13 HR Professionals Reveal The Most Common Graduate Job Interview Questions

Are you a recent graduate and looking for interview tips? Straight from the experts, we’ve got a list of the most common graduate job interview questions which will help you prepare. A successful job interview is all in the right preparation and that preparation giving you confidence and clarity to set you on the right career path. This blog outlines some of the most common questions from top HR and business experts including Rob Moss at Personnel Today, Paul Slezak at Recruit Loop, James Rice at Wiki Job, Yvonne Rivera at Nonprofit HR and more... Read More...

50 of the Most Powerful Quotes From Literature

Take a note out of these authors’ books and discover this collection of fifty of the most powerful quotes from literature. This collection of quotes provides a glimpse into some of the most tragic, romantic, heart-wrenching and inspirational stories ever to be told on paper and that are still being referenced today in film, television and theatre adaptations. These famous literary quotes have been placed into a fun and eye-catching infographic... Read More...