Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Digital technology has truly revolutionised contemporary society; its influence may be felt at numerous different levels of everyday experience. One of the most profound and pervasive consequences of this new technological paradigm is the way social media have changed the way we communicate with one another; they are a cultural as well as a technological phenomenon. While, only a decade ago, social media were largely perceived as a novelty by the business community, today their importance is widely acknowledged; not does this importance seem likely to decrease. Indeed, social media are one of most important tools for online communication (perhaps the most important). Hence the growing relevance of social media marketing, which practice looks set in the immediate future to become an essential component of market success. The academic study of Social Media Marketing relates the age-old concerns of Marketing (of attracting and retaining custom) to the emergent domains of digital technology and pervasive media as communications tools. This means that a first rate Social Media Marketing student needs to be a Marketing scholar as well as a technical specialist; needs a solid theoretical understanding of consumer studies in addition to proficiency in generating and managing online content.

The objective behind Social Media Marketing is to invest the student with the requisite knowledge and skill set to formulate effective digital marketing strategies. This basically comes down to the planning and implementation of online marketing campaigns via popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and so on. More precisely, Social Media Marketing entails a broad nexus of technical and theoretical concerns, such as the role of digital marketing as a primary catalyst in marketing strategy; the importance of content creation and content outreach; an awareness of emergent and future trends; and strategic planning for effective marketing implementation. A successful essay on Social Media Marketing will necessarily bring core concepts in traditional Business Studies, into the context of digital marketing, explaining how the two domains combine to embody a new, hybridised communications paradigm: wherein one is equally concerned with strategy objectives, market research, market analysis and consumer behaviour as with online branding, SEO writing, PPC campaign planning, digital project management, and perhaps even elements of coding. Accordingly, Social Media Marketing is a heterogeneous field of study and demands expertise on more than one front. Because of the relative newness of digital marketing, the world of social media is still, academically speaking, a largely uncharted territory. This makes Social Media Marketing an exciting field to pursue, one which allows many opportunities for breaking new ground. The onus on marketing, furthermore, means that theoretical advances in Social Media Marketing will have direct application in practice. A first rateSocial Media Marketing essay will be able to bring together theoretical concepts, empirical evidence, and logical argument to make a case for a specific strategic approach to a marketing campaign; it will also demonstrate the necessary technical knowledge to execute, monitor and maintain the strategy in question.

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