Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Writing

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO writing, deals with the composition of a specific species of web copy, which is intended to be both verbally compelling and technically “optimised” to include certain key terms that preponderate in search engines. These key terms rank highly in search engines' ranking algorithms thus directing traffic back to the site in which they appear. SEO copy done well accordingly equates to a form of self-promoting content that simultaneously delivers its core message (to the intended reader) as well as conforming to algorithmic principles that direct web traffic via search results. The dual function of SEO writing makes the genre unique. A balance needs to be struck between good prose and effective SEO; so to speak, a combination of art and science. In the first instance, this requires competent verbal craftsmanship. Good writing of any order is engaging and clear to understand: this takes time and practice. What makes content compelling will depend upon the context. What makes content boring, however, may be summed up in one phrase: lack of imagination. If you find yourself frequently using common turns of phrase, familiar metaphors, or any other stock usage you are not trying hard enough. Your copy will be commonplace; lacking shine, it will not draw the reader in. This is particularly so with copywriting, where you need to work your prose around specific keywords. SEO copy that is littered with such keywords will quickly strike as contrived, repetitive and dull. Copy that omits adequate keyword inclusion, on the other hand, will not optimise the content. Thus one is presented with clearly defined limitations. Of course, the best way around limitations is via imaginative sidesteps. Good SEO writing weaves formulaic word placement neatly together with creative word context.

Writing effective SEO copy is about flexing one's creative muscles. Start with a strong strapline or opener, something with flare: include key terms. Pull the reader in straightaway and they will be more likely to stay the course. Think of imaginative ways of leading the text back to keywords, without repeating yourself. It helps to consider the nuanced meanings of keywords, finding different routes by which to return to the same verbal destinations. This keeps the journey fresh every time. Use all the available writer's-tools. Depending on the register in use, you might employ humour, wit, charm, irony, facts, figures, anger or even outrage. Whatever the case, your writing needs to have character or it will not resonate. Try to think of the customer/client/service you are optimising as a person. Consider what kind of personality that person has and try to embody it in your writing. Importantly, keep to the point and make your message clear. Before anything else, good SEO is good prose. Without quality substance no piece of writing, no matter how well adorned, will attract readers; and without readers to share your content your SEO will fail. Best practice is to read as many optimised web articles as possible. Examine strategies used and attempt to assimilate them to your own style. Practice will make perfect.  

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