Resume Formation (CV)

Resume Formation (CV)

In today's increasing competitive job's market, and with record numbers of graduates, a stand-out Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) is more important than ever before, and must be given dedicated attention. If one's CV is going up against potentially hundreds of competitors, one cannot afford to get lost in the crowd, especially in such instances where rival candidates are likely to command at least equal qualifications and experience. Rather, your CV needs to shine, to catch the recruiter's attention and keep it. This will require dexterous organisation of the contained information. Consider that a CV is in essence a record of one's educational and professional experience; it serves to showcase your credentials and needs to do so in a manner relevant to the role in question. Consequently, one wants to ensure that the most germane qualifications and experience are prioritised in composition, whereby one leads with one's strengths, conveying the best possible impression. You are after all in the business of marketing a product: yourself. In so doing, you need to use all the tools at your disposal, with the ultimate objective of individuating yourself, of proving to the employer that you can offer something other candidates cannot. This means the process of composing a CV needs to be highly considered. It is not simply an inventory of qualifications and employment history; rather, it is advertisement for a vital service (your employment) that makes a case of necessity for such.

There are numerous ways of attaining originality in a CV (which does not necessarily require that one strictly follow a pro forma). Of course, certain personal and professional information needs to be included; but the way such information is rendered and presented is a matter of choice. A CV is more than a tool for transmitting facts about the candidate; it is something of an extension of the candidate and, in result, a necessary reflection of their abilities. Consider how unimpressed an employer would be to find a CV littered with spelling mistakes, poorly formatted, ambiguously worded, or marked with coffee stains: such would reflect, respectively, compositional imprecision, lack of judgement, verbal clumsiness, and outright slovenliness. None of these attributes mark out a candidate as exceptional (not in any good way, at least). The point is that the calibre of a CV indicates the candidate's personality. Accordingly, as a very base line, you want your CV to be error-free, neatly presented, clearly worded and submitted in tidy fashion. The successful CV will go beyond these prerequisites and offer something the others do not; whatever that is, precisely, will be specific to the candidate and the role. One needs to think carefully about the special component they bring to the table; to present this as an asset which only they possess and which the recruiter needs; the inherent craft of the CV is to do so by implication. One is not seeking to coerce the reader into accepting the case for merit presented in a CV. Instead, one wants to guide the recruiter to this conclusion by dint of the information they present; and this will require a degree of compositional finesse that comes only with practice and deliberation.

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