Pharmaceutics, effectively the science of medicine design, is a division of the life sciences, with close affiliation to chemistry. The primary concern of Pharmaceutics is the study, development and production of pharmaceutical drugs, focusing on their efficacy and safe usage. Pharmaceutics thus incorporates a variety of interdisciplinary concerns (including pharmacy, chemistry, chemical engineering, physical science, material science, pharmaceutical science, and biotechnology to name a few) which fall under the purview of the design and development of pharmaceutical products. The student of Pharmaceutics, then, will be versed in the biochemical fundaments of drug action and drug disposition, which together form the critical bedrock of the discipline. Drug action involves the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics at play, referring in the first instance to the effect of a drug on the human body; and, in the second instance, to what the body does with the drug. Hence drug action pertains to the various biochemical responses of the human body to different drugs. Drug disposition entails those elements related to drug absorption and distribution as well as elimination. A central point of focus in the field is drug delivery, the means of targeting specific sites of action within the body, as well as enhancing the effect thereon. Accordingly we are concerned with ways of augmenting absorption for maximum therapeutic effect. In consequence, we need to take account of those metabolic responses which may catalyse the effects of a given drug, the molecular transformations by which distinct pharmacological properties are imparted. This is why students need to command a solid understanding of chemistry in addition to biology; for, Pharmaceutics looks both to the chemical molecular processes as well as the bodily medical implications (for patients) of therapeutic drug use.

Students of Pharmaceutics who wish to excel necessarily must command a firm grasp of the practical and theoretical concerns driving the global pharmaceutics industry which, as a highly technical scientific field, is subject to frequent innovation in line with new scientific discoveries. It is therefore imperative that students keep up-to-date with the latest scientific advances, reading trade press and journal articles, ensuring a sound and contemporary knowledge base. Attaining top marks will depend upon an engagement with relevant developments in the field; applying the latest findings to the research fundamentals on which the discipline is built. Further, as a scientific undertaking, Pharmaceutics scholarship demands scientific rigour, a commitment to the scientific method and evidentiary practice. Moreover, a first rate scientific essay will invariably require lucid and unambiguous prose, writing which makes its case very clearly and persuasively. The pharmaceutics industry is highly competitive, one which depends upon clarity of information transmission; as a result, there is no room for haphazard prose. Scientific writing follows precise compositional conventions which need to be followed strictly, employing the appropriate biochemical and medical terminology and referencing systems, eschewing unfounded assertions, and espousing logical lines of argumentation. Because Pharmaceutics is an empirical science, students will need to undertake wide secondary research in order to guarantee that their work is well supported by existing research. Evidence, first and foremost, is the guiding light of medicine and drug design.

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