Human Resources – Motivation

Human Resources – Motivation

Human Resources Motivation refers to a specialised division of Human Resources (HR) dealing specifically with various means of inspiring and enthusing employees. The objective of the discipline, then, is to explore the theory and practice of motivating a workforce, locating optimal methods to inspire individuals to work in the most favourable ways. Motivation, of course, is a complex concept which touches upon diverse environmental as well as innate phenomena, including: in the first instance, workplace culture, social mores, personal ambition, professional incentives, and so on; and, in the second instance, psychology, intellect, health and wellbeing, emotions and other biological factors. What is consistent across each of these very distinct instances is causality: all external, environmental and internal, intrinsic effects in human beings can be traced respectively to societal and biological causes. The intention for employers, it follows, is to isolate the appropriate lines of cause and effect that determine certain phenomena, in order to stimulate or brook the item in question. Hence for instance, Human Resources Motivation might seek to identify the environmental factors in the workplace conducive to productivity – open-plan, well lighted, well aired office space, for example. Conversely, employers might look to maximise productivity in ensuring happy employees by monitoring the workforce's emotional and psychological wellbeing, and looking to elevate a general standard of contentment. Thus the study of Human Resources Motivation is multidisciplinary, touching upon issues of biomedical, psycho-social, and cultural significance. These discrete domains are being updated and revised continually, with entailed theoretical ideas evolving in step. Students wishing to attain top grades need resultantly to be versed in many fields, keeping up to date with the latest critical advances, especially by reading the latest journal articles. In light of the multidisciplinary approaches here in play, students need to be methodical; be able to draw together relevant information and order the content lucidly, offering a logically-reasoned argument.

Obviously, all firms desire a motivated workforce; Human Resources Motivation is therefore an extremely important consideration in contemporary industrial relations. Seen from an overarching economic perspective, motivation can be viewed as an essential resource, a vital component of operational efficiency. Like any other vital resource, motivation accordingly needs to be factored into an organisation's working logic. It is imperative that employers provide working environments that cultivate a motivated workforce, driving productivity and thus yielding success. Employers that fail this charge consequently jeopardise their prospects for success – an inexcusable lapse in today's highly competitive global marketplace. As indicated above, the factors influencing workplace motivation are heterogeneous; in addition, they will tend to be context specific. There is no one-size-fits-all panacea for creating driven employees. As a result, Human Resources Motivation requires practitioners to be able to gather appropriate data in order to gage productivity by measureable standards; to devise workable, effective means of coaching management in team leadership, and other items of motivational strategy. A large part of Human Resources Motivation, then, is being a good communicator, being able to convey information in a clear and purposeful manner; being able to inspire respect and thus to motivate. After all, in order to be successful in training others to motivate, one first of all needs the ability in oneself.

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