Human Resources

Human Resources

The subject of Human Resources deals with the effective organisation and utilisation of personnel within an organisation, from the most junior to the most senior worker; and hence concerns the means and methods of managing arguably the most valuable global resource, people. As an academic discipline, Human Resources consequently brings together a range of scholarly interests, such as economics, politics, psychology, sociology, and other scholarly fields which treat of the various contexts and deployments of a workforce. The discipline is accordingly oriented toward identifying methods and drivers of organisational success, encompassing the many diverse factors at play in such, including means of recruitment and selection; training and development; motivation and incentives; review and management; discipline, grievance and indeed dismissal. Because of its centrality in successful business, Human Resources is a highly competitive field; and those who wish to excel need therefore to command multiple competencies. This includes having a comprehensive understanding of the underlying politico-economic and social implications of the labour market, the key theories in play within scholarly treatment of industry and the workforce. As one can imagine, such diverse academic concerns require students to acquire a broad knowledge base and a wide range of skills. This rich area of inquiry consequently allows for a plethora of methodological approaches; and, as a result, Human Resources students need to be comfortable in syncretic study, in combining discrete disciplinary modes for hybrid analyses. First rate students will therefore be those who master the twin academic skills of effective researching and persuasive composition, staples of scholarly success; those tools which will enable you to put your case across in the most efficient way.

The objective of Human Resources is to promote and employ a critical awareness of the ways in which people are managed in various settings. Seeing as any workforce is heterogeneous in purpose and constitution, this necessarily entails a thorough understanding of the various strata of business operations; one needs to grasp the inter-departmental mechanics of industry, the way the pieces fit together. Students who apprehend the causal logic of business will be best placed to analyse those causalities, and thus to bring to bear analytical insight which may be translated to optimal practice in the workplace. Put another way, Human Resources might be considered the art of problem solving in specifically in the context of the workforce. This means that the ability to deconstruct a critical problem is a vital asset to the Human Resources student. Those pupils who do best will be those with the keenest eye for innovative solutions. Innovation is borne of analysis: in being able to perceive a problem in a unique way and thus alight upon new means of solving said problem. While possessing many potential avenues of critical theory, the subject is also very practically minded; it has a clear pragmatic purpose, of optimising labour forces. Thus the Human Resources student should be skilled in praxis, in translating theory into practice – in a meaningful way. This demands skilful engagement with processes of argumentation, being able to launch a reasoned case for one point over another, and bolstering this case with referenced citations that corroborate your position.

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