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Operations Management

Composing an essay on operations management requires the student to demonstrate a range of critical tools and methods that can be employed effectively in management situations across a broad range of professional settings. Central to a successful operations management essay, therefore, is the ability to use various modes of analyses to mount a case which establishes the advantage of one over another managerial approach. Hence critical thinking and logical analyses are of utmost importance.

At core, your essay is seeking to chart a reasoned analytical path to operational success. For this, you will need to consider the various contributing factors to the specific operation. Likely, this will include such important factors as systems analysis, production control, supply chains, quality control, and other systems, practices and procedures necessary to managerial consideration. The various attributes of each determining factor need to be weighed against one another for costs versus benefits. As a result, you will be able to determine what are the most useful and least costly approaches to adopt. Your primary goal here is to analyse these distinct operational approaches for effectiveness: assessing their practical appropriateness by means of case study reference; and their theoretical validity, with allusion to scholarly literature. An operations management essay, it follows, brings together theoretical ideas with practical examples from the world of management, thereby offering both historical and theoretical evidence for your point of view. An essay which marries these two concerns effectively will be in the running for top marks.

What to Consider

Aside from a rigorous analytical approach, your essay needs to be comprehensive, covering the diverse array of responsibilities entailed in managerial undertaking. This includes people, processes, and services, all of which fall under the purview of operations management. An operations management essay needs to be able effectively to connect these distinct spheres of operations, with their own challenges and demands, in one cohesive strategic outlook. Because this is industry specific, you will furthermore need to evince particular knowledge relevant to the field in question. After all, operations management for a government department will need a different set of skills and requirements from management of a biscuit factory. In your essay, you need to make clear that you understand the nuances involved in different branches of industry and the way this influences managerial strategy. A good way to do this is to find existing case study examples which are comparable to the managerial situation you are concerned with; use these to guide your own critical observations.

Toward the end of the essay it would be useful to summate principal challenges ahead and outline the appropriate methods to surmount such challenges. Try to bear in mind that you are engaged in problem solving. Your essay serves as a platform on which various problems may be identified, delineated and then solved. Indeed, this is precisely the role management is geared to fulfil. A first-class operations management essay will reflect the intellectual qualities of a first-rate operations manager. Use the essay to showcase your managerial abilities.

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