How to Write an Internet Marketing Essay

How to Write an Internet Marketing Essay

Internet Marketing

The study of internet marketing comes down to the vast science of buying and selling – of how to attract and retain custom – within the context of digital communications. Hence an internet marketing essay fuses traditional marketing theory with insights from the relatively emergent realms of electronic commerce and pervasive media. In many ways, then, internet marketing requires the student critically to bridge old and new modes of communications theory, amounting to a relatively new domain of hybrid analyses. This newness affords a great opportunity for the internet marketing student because the frontiers of the discipline are still being explored. Hence it is far easier to be original and offer unprecedented avenues of approach to the subject. Originality, of course, is central to innovation; and original and innovative writing scores high marks. Consequently, when writing your internet marketing essay, be sure not simply to repeat the work of others. Look for conspicuous absences in the critical literature (your tutor will be able to guide you here). Identify a neglected element in the scholarly research and make this your prime concern. If you are the only one writing on it, then you, by default, are the world's expert on the subject.

Where to Start

A good starting point might be to investigate new means of implementing traditional strategies. Thus your essay might open by delineating a specific marketing approach and then explaining how such could be transposed to digital technologies, social media for example; or might excel when vectored through tablet technology; or would befit flexible electronics. The options are unlimited. For instance, one might expound on the way flexible circuits (bendy phones, laptops, et cetera) will open up brand new modes of consumer experience with a marketing message. This could be considered in light of traditional marketing tenets, such as implementation and control: whereby the manifold potential uses of this new technology enable wholly unique communications strategies. As an example, flexible displays will allow for new way of interacting with the communications device and thus the message. This phenomenon might then be related to the role of market innovation in sector growth. Here, we could complement our research with econometric evidence in regards to the disruptive influence e-commerce had on traditional marketing, in the early 1990s. Making these critical connections will allow you to forecast likely results. The more you can convince your reader that your take on the past is accurate, the more they are likely to trust your estimations on the future. Your essay consequently needs to prove that its analyses are accurate and its forecasts reliable. After all, no marketer is going to entrust their company's advertising budget to a strategy that entirely lacks precedent or tactical intention. You need to be somewhat business-minded in your efforts; demonstrate that your ideas are sound and that their application would be effective. You will, accordingly, bolster your position by dint of empirical resources. In addition, make sure that you include relevant scholarly citations. These will work to crystallise your argument by showing that industry experts corroborate your thinking; that you have thoroughly researched the topic and know it proficiently.

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