How to Write an Information Technology Essay

How to Write an Information Technology Essay

Information Technology is a diverse, rapidly changing, and multidisciplinary field of study which encompasses all aspects to do with computing. Computing is extremely important in today's society because it is increasingly integral to nearly every level of daily life. At its core, computing technology relates to the creation, maintenance, and exchange of data. When addressing Information Technology, then, we are concerned with the processing of information, in its various dimensions. Accordingly, we would want to consider the relationship between information processes and the various technologies which enable such processes. Hence we would look, for example, at factors such as hardware, software, networking, and the internet: examining the design, construction, development, management, and progression of said technologies and their relevant applications. A successful Information Technology essay will consequently cover the interrelation between the technical, theoretical, and logistical creation and exchange of information.

Planning Your Essay: The Importance of Structure

A good Information Technology essay is invariably the result of thorough planning. The more research and preparation you do, the more likely you are to write a first rate piece of work. Outlining an essay plan can be a great way to ensure that your writing has a coherent structure. This will help you to construct a logical and convincing argument. Generally, an essay plan will identify key terms and points of argument then arrange them in a rough order of chronology. This will give you a kind of essay roadmap to follow. This can begin very simply, dividing your essay into “Introduction”, “Argument Body”, then “Conclusion”. Use the Introduction to identify the case your essay intends to argue. For example, your essay might open: “This essay will examine the benefits of turnkey systems in commercial computing”. Next, explain how you will tackle said argument: “by outlining the merits and demerits of turnkey systems versus built-to-order alternatives, this essay will prove that [. . .]”. In the Argument Body you will expand upon your central propositions, seeking to convince the readership of your point of view. This might involve a defensive strategy, where you emphasise the strengths of your perspective; or it might take an offensive approach, where you identify the weaknesses of the opposite position. Finally, the conclusion will pull all the strands of argument together into one cogent reiteration of the opening proposition.

Supporting Your Argument: Critical Sources

Research is a vital stage in the essay-writing process. The more information you have at your disposal, the more tools you have with which to construct your argument. For this reason, you should try to read widely on your topic. This will also help you to identify critical sources that are appropriate for citation. This is one of the best ways of strengthening your case. By citing experts who are considered authorities on the subject, you lend weight to your essay by virtue of their authority. Importantly, you must ensure that your sources originate in reputable academic texts. There are numerous scholarly books, journals, and online resources available to the Information Technology student, including Journal of Information Technology, Journal of Systems and Information Technology, and International Journal of Information Technology and Management. Academic journals offer a particularly useful source of information because they usually contain the most recent published research. Seeing as Information Technology is a rapidly developing field, it is advantageous to stay up-to-date. An essay that makes use of the latest scholarly advances is more likely to offer an insightful and original viewpoint. This can help greatly in achieving high grades. During the research stage, be mindful of perspectives opposing your own; it will only bolster your case if you can demonstrate awareness of, and thus be able to destruct, contrary positions.  

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