How to Write an Infectious Diseases Essay

How to Write an Infectious Diseases Essay

The study of Infectious Diseases is a specific division of Epidemiology, the branch of medical science that looks at the determinants, distribution, and control of diseases. This means that an Infectious Diseases paper will be concerned with the biochemical, immunological, nutritional, environmental, and toxicological variables at work in particular health events. The field accordingly encompasses inquiry into communicable and non-communicable diseases, bio-ethics, human rights, and systematic reviews. This is a meticulous and evidential discipline. A successful Infectious Diseases essay will therefore demonstrate a competent grasp of evidence-based medicine and surrounding theoretical concepts. You will need to be able effectively to search and filter appropriate scholarly literature and other information sources. Further, you will be expected to specify germane research questions that meaningfully contribute to the topic in discussion. A strong medical science essay utilises comprehensive research skills and rigorous methodology. This includes scrutinising methodological validity; verifying the clarity and reproducibility of your study; as well as ensuring the transparency and comprehensibility of your presented findings.

Organising your Research

The first stage in writing an Infectious Diseases essay is research. You will need to search and evaluate the existing medical literature. When reading medical journals and other scholarly sources, take note of the form and tone of academic prose. This will help you by providing an exemplar for your own composition. Make notes of facts and figures that you think will help your investigation. These notes will form the basis of an essay plan. When you have researched your topic thoroughly, expand upon your notes, forming a rough essay draft. Remember to be analytical and objective in your treatment of sources. This will require  critical thinking: you will need systematically to evaluate the evidence and deduce implications for your own research question. In other words, do not simply describe or repeat the existing evidence. Instead, explain the importance of that evidence in the context of your research.

Structuring Your Essay

Scientific essays have a specific format that should be followed. This allows for ease of comprehension between different scientists. While these rules are not inviolable, they provide helpful guidelines to formal composition. Begin your essay with an “Abstract”: this will summarise the essay's research question, results, and conclusion. You will follow with the “Introduction”: this elaborates upon the research question, detailing the reasons for its importance. Here, you will also explain your methodology, outlining why this was the best approach to take. This will be succeeded by “Materials and Methods”: delineating your specific methodology and case study. This is where you clarify your data collection process, detailing the variables measured and the instruments and methods used in this process. You need to prove that your investigation is objective and impartial: this will, in turn, prove that your findings are reliable. The next section of your essay is “Results”: wherein you present the data your investigation has uncovered. Finally, you will discuss this data in your “Conclusion”: explaining how your findings inform the research question and what this suggests.  

Tone and Style

Academic writing has a distinct tone and style. This is particularly important in empirical research because your study will be founded in evidential information. Accordingly, your essay must follow a formal register. Avoid colloquialism and idiom. Use the appropriate scientific terminology; but try to keep your sentences short and simple. Importantly, do not make unfounded assertions or speculate without very good grounds. This is not the place of a scientific essay. Let the evidence speak for itself. If you have followed the scientific method and been rigorous in your research methods, your paper will stand on its own merits.

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