How to Write an Environmental Sciences Essay

How to Write an Environmental Sciences Essay

The study of the Environmental Sciences is a highly multidisciplinary pursuit whose central concern is the examination of the ecological processes that determine the physical, chemical state of the Earth as a collection of highly complex and interdependent biological systems. The student of Environmental Sciences consequently needs to be conversant with the traditional natural sciences of chemistry, biology and physics, as well as holding a firm grasp of more specialised subjects, such as ecology, zoology, oceanography, geology, mineralogy, and climate science. In addition, Environmental Sciences entails a complementary focus on the socio-political aspects of environmental studies, with an eye to understanding attitudes and perceptions of environmental issues (especially within political contexts). A familiarity with the social sciences is, for this reason, also a key component of studying Environmental Sciences, permitting of effective engagement in public discourse, science communication, and thereby influencing policy decisions. The overarching remit of Environmental Sciences is to provide solutions to environmental problems. This objective is pursued by means of a combination of theoretical and practical approaches, combining academic research and theoretical argumentation, with the traditional hands-on domains of fieldwork and laboratory experimentation. The study of Environmental Sciences, then, offers a rich variety of scholarly approaches, all guided by an underlying imperative of expanding knowledge of how our planetary systems function.

Because Environmental Science is a highly heterogeneous topic, taking account of the entire environment (its physical properties, biological organisms, and their interrelation) the discipline entails multiform ecological concepts; thus its scholarly treatment brings together a wealth of distinct methods of research and experimentation. First rate academic writing on Environmental Science, it follows, is comprehensive in perspective; it engages with relevant issues, at a regional and global level. Furthermore, Environmental Science should conform to the scientific method, to principles of impartiality and evidence-led reasoning. In essence, the Environmental Science student is tasked with identifying major lines of evidence in regard to specific ecological phenomena, looking to explain such phenomena, by dint of repeatable, testable means. You want to be able to present your findings in such a way as to enable the reader to repeat the experiment and thus verify results. Good writing on Environmental Science therefore also pertains to an educational dimension; results need to be promulgated. As a result, Environmental Science students need to draw links between what the evidence suggests and how this fits in with social, economic and political determinants, concepts such as resource allocation, market regulation, sustainability, carbon policy, and so forth. Environmental Science consequently requires the student dexterously to tread between distinct fields of operation: on the one hand conducting scientific research, doing fieldwork and experimentation; on the other, engaging with cultural theory, politics, economics, and the media. The Environmental Sciences, perhaps more than any other scientific pursuit, require finesse in the merging of technical endeavour and popular communication; of applying one's science in a very broad field of view. In this respect, evidence must come first and foremost. The student's duty, then, is to demonstrate what that evidence indicates and then explain what necessary action is implied thereby.

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