How to Write a Zoology Essay

How to Write a Zoology Essay


Writing on zoology, which is a division of biology, must accordingly follow the principles of the scientific method, incorporating empirical techniques and reasoned argument. As a scientific paper, your study will be heavily reliant on established scholarly work. There is a vast body of zoological literature available and this will certainly be your first port of call. You need to research your topic thoroughly, gaining as much understanding as is necessary. Be sure to note down anything you come across that might be relevant. Effective note taking is an important scholarly aid. This is vital because you need to ensure all your assertions are corroborated, your facts and figures accurate. Scientific essays demand scrupulous attention to detail. If your essay is in error on a point of fact which can easily be verified then the rest of the paper comes into doubt. You may offer various interpretive analyses on what certain findings imply; but you may not distort or misrepresent findings, especially not for want of research. Conversely, a well-researched essay will be unassailable; even if the tutor disagrees with your interpretation of data, they will not be able to challenge your methodology. Make sure, therefore, to clarify your methodology at all times. Explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. Most importantly, underline any potential shortcomings of your methodology; this way you demonstrate awareness of critical vulnerabilities – and can work to minimise their detriment.

The scientific method, then, will be your essay's guiding light. This includes citing the source of all evidence adduced and explaining your processes of argumentation. You will need to employ logical reasoning at every level. Make your paper cogent to the reader by laying out your intentions clearly. For example, begin the essay by explaining the problem at hand and the aim of your investigation; this is best aided by stating specific research questions. Next, explain why such questions are relevant and useful; making reference to scholarly literature, thus lending authority to your position. Because zoology is a large and well-established field, it is easy simply to latch on to critical pursuits which are currently popular; and there is nothing wrong with this. However, the immense diversity of the animal world affords much potential for unique research interests. You are more likely to score top marks if you opt for a less obvious area of investigation. This will impress your tutors. Moreover, it will be easier for you to make fresh insights because you will be exploring scarcely-visited academic grounds. In order to ensure that your essay is compelling, be sure to read other zoological authors you find interesting. Study the way they mount their case, the manner in which they present evidence. Try to separate effective from ineffective stylistic and methodological techniques, using these as a roadmap to arrive at your own scholarly approach. Finally, conclude your essay by suggesting future research questions that arise from your own conclusions. Zoological study is a continuum; your essay is a stepping stone advancing knowledge from its predecessors and opening the way for successors.

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