How to Write a Technology Essay

How to Write a Technology Essay

The academic study of Technology is an extremely broad field, a branch of the engineering and computer sciences that, in overview, examines the use of electronic devices in multiple contexts and applications. This has to do with a technical knowledge of how computers and other technological systems function, and ways of improving upon same. Technology students are therefore technical specialists versed in a variety of different technical areas in relation to the mechanics and operation of electronic devices. In consequence, academic writing on Technology necessarily obtains to a large degree of technical speak and specialist knowledge, with a notably scientific tenor, employing objective evidence-based reasoning and deductive logic: the point being to identify and thus solve problems. This means that a high quality Technology essay needs to exhibit a clear grasp of critical thinking, of logical approaches to technological problems, and a thorough hold on the science at play. Because one is engaged in a specialist area, effective science communication is also essential to the Technology student. One needs to be able to explain technical issues in comprehensible ways so as to help organisations make the most effective decisions with respect to technology deployments and organisational change. The Technology student must “translate” for the layperson how and why a given technological solution will be beneficial: this means one must have a command of managerial capability and be able to take a leading role in organisational development.

More specifically speaking, Technology could touch upon areas as diverse as Cloud Computing, Social Media, Hardware Solutions, Software engineering, to Data Protection; could pertain to small-scale local contexts (in a single-branch organisation) or extend to a global degree (with a multinational corporation). Anything that might involve electronic solutions is within the purview of Technology studies. One is presented with diverse opportunities: to work with state of the art systems and tools; conduct laboratory work in emergent fields of research; and be a part of potentially ground-breaking research. The applications of technology, as such, are remarkably varied; so are the scholarly approaches to the topic. Hence there is much scope for tailoring study to one's own particular interests and strengths. Whatever path you select, achieving top marks in Technology will depend upon certain consistent principles. Seeing as we are dealing with a scientific topic, one's work will necessarily be evidence-centred, employing the scientific method to corroborate findings. A good Technology paper will, further, demonstrate ample research, proving the student's familiarity with relevant practical and theoretical issues, mounting a case by means of adduced evidence and case study examples. Technology is a domain of problem solving; as result, one is looking to prove that one's own solution to the given problem is the most effective available. In today's increasingly digitised society, the significance and pervasiveness of Technology grows on a daily basis. This means that first class Technology writing will be up to date with innovations in the field; it will by necessity reflect the most current research, thereby hopefully bringing new insights to bear.

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