How to Write a Strategic Business Management Essay

Essay Writing In Strategic Business Management

Strategic Business Management is a field of study that looks at the theoretical models and concepts relating to the ways in which businesses operate, with particular focus on effective management techniques and strategies.

This encompasses the complex and diverse work environments of contemporary business practice and the effects such contexts have upon the analyses and utilisation of business information.

As such, Strategic Business Management pertains to both the public and the private sector; non-profit as well as profit-making organisations.

An effective Strategic Business Management essay will consequently be able critically to discuss and analyse a broad range of business-related phenomena. Hence you will need to demonstrate an awareness of the ways in which the different types, sizes, and intentions of various business organisations have different needs and priorities which require specific managerial perspectives.

Such analyses will include a variety of knowledge bases. For example, you will need to take account of financial reporting and accounting; organisational structure and function; economic theory and modelling; in addition to marketing theory and practice.

A high quality Strategic Business Management essay, then, takes all of these determinants into consideration and marshals the information toward the most effective solution to, or explanation of, the business issue in question.

Narrowing Focus: Knowing what not to Know

Because Strategic Business Management touches on numerous interdisciplinary topics, one of the most vital factors in composing a quality essay is relevance.

Being able to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant information is an essential part of efficient strategy. After all, there is little use in dedicating large amounts of time to abstract economic modelling when the point at issue is grounded in material and operational impediments.

Likewise, we gain little benefit from focusing our attentions on operational procedure where a given problem in fact originates with corporate strategy. Here is the where difficulty lies: you need to be able to identify which particular business division is relevant to the case in discussion.

Being able to identify the correct source of an issue will allow you to devise an appropriate response and solution. This is what is intended by the term “Strategic” in Business Management. You need to use your knowledge strategically to analyse situations, to establish advantages and disadvantages to the many potential approaches you could take.

Your essay thus needs to evidence the best strategic response to ensure competitive advantage. Being able quickly and efficiently to identify what types of knowledge and information are right for specific situations will be crucial in ensuring good grades.

Preparation is Key

Preparation and planning are the keys to success in Strategic Business Management. Carefully consider the rubric of your question. Highlight key words therein. Search academic journals (using online portals, such as JSTOR) to locate articles that treat of similar topics.

Always read the abstract: it summarises the article's conclusions. Make notes, looking to write down relevant information that may help your case. For instance, if you were writing on Corporate Social Responsibility, you might look for articles that detail successful and unsuccessful examples thereof. This would provide you with supporting evidence for selecting one strategy over another (its proven past success). Also, you will be able to see the kind of methodologies other, necessarily more experienced scholars apply in the given context. This will be a good clue as to what is relevant and should guide your own methodological approach.

Your objective in the research stage is to gather enough supporting evidence to prove that you have accounted for all the likely and predictable variables that may occur. Making your case water-tight will equate to a convincing argument because you will have anticipated the possible counter-arguments – and this will demonstrate your strategic mind set.

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